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What Is the Significance of Dussehra?


Samadrita Chakraborty




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“There is no enemy greater than grief.”

Kaushalya, the fourth queen of Dasharatha, told her husband so, and the great epic, Ramayana, began. Indian culture is deeply rooted in Puranas. Ramayana is one of those great Puranas that celebrates the story of the conflict between Rama and Ravana and, in the end, the victory of Rama. In Ramayana, it is sculpted that Rama and Ravana fought for ten days. On the tenth day, Rama defeated Ravana and achieved success. Dussehra festival is celebrated to cheer the victory of Rama.

There is another common belief: ten stands for “Dasha” and defeat as “haara”. As Ravan had ten heads, Rama defeated him, which defines the name “Dussehra”.

But, you should not forget India believes in diverse cultures. One story comes out with different versions in different parts of India. This is where “the unity in diversity” wins. 

Therefore, Dussehra is known as the end of Navratri as well. Navaratri, celebrated in parts of North India, becomes Durga Puja in Bengal, Orissa, and Assam in the east part of the country. 

People from different regions celebrate this festival in their unique ways. So, in a nutshell, India is vibrant during this festive season. If you are a young parent and you’re clueless about how to cheer your children up during this season, you are at the right place. Let us see first when Dussehra 2022 is going to be celebrated.

What Is The Date of Dussehra?

Dussehra’s 2022 date falls on the 5th of October this year. Generally, Dussehra is celebrated in October. In some rare cases, the festival falls in September as well. The date is decided according to the movement of specific stars. According to astrology, some particular stars determine the time of festivals. So, Dussehra takes place on the tenth day of Ashvina and during the full moon. 

How Many Days Dussehra Is Celebrated?

The name of the festival is relatively self-explanatory. Dussehra is about triumph of good over evil, and the celebration lasts ten days. Some events like Ramlila and carnival are also arranged in some areas. People from different religions and castes participate in these vibrant programmes and celebrate the true essence of this country, where unity is celebrated in diversity. 

Why Is Dussehra Celebrated?

Why Is Dussehra Celebrated

As we mentioned earlier, India is all about Puranas and enchanting stories of the ancient gods and goddesses. The origin of Dussehra also starts with it. The grandeur of this festival explains how important this is for people from different regions. 

According to the epic Ramayana, Rama is the avatar of Vishnu, who took birth on this planet to redeem human civilization. By celebrating the victory of Rama, people of the Hindu religion revere the marvellous success of that iconic character. 

Ramayana is a story about the victory of light over darkness. On Dussehra, the people of this country remind their friends and family that hope and good will always win in the end.

Dussehra Story for Kids

Dussehra Story for Kids

Every epic became phenomenal and lived across centuries because of its relevance. If you want to enlighten your kids about Dussehra, do that practically. Narrate the story of Sita and Rama in a manner that they can relate to. 

Ramayana has become a folktale, and bards have been effective storytellers to spread this story across generations. Different regions have produced the story in various formats. Therefore, your child will never get bored of Dussehra stories. 

You can enchant them with seven parts of Ramayana and Akal Bodhon, an adjacent Ramayana story. Rama worshipped goddess Durga to win the battle against Ravana. It was not the usual time for Durga Puja; that is why it is called “Akal”, which means “Untimely”, and “Bodhon”, which means “Worshipping”.

Another famous story regarding Dussehra says that Rama was supposed to worship the goddess with 108 blue Lotus. While Goddess Durga playfully hid one lotus to see Rama’s devotion. Rama was about to shoot a spear in his eyes as his eyes were blue. 

These small, engaging stories will keep your child excited about this festival. Brighten up your celebration with these enchanting little stories.

How to Celebrate Dussehra?

How dussehra is celebrated

Turning your dull days happy is your responsibility. Double your effort when it is the festival season. 

There are three ways to celebrate Dussehra 2022:

Clean Your Household

Cleaning is a basic necessity whenever any festival is around the corner. Clean your house with vacuum cleaners and cleaning solutions. Spread a positive vibe throughout your home and let your child feel the natural charm of Dussehra. 

Make Rangoli and Dress Up

Rangoli is essential for Dussehra. Is any Dussehra complete without a vibrant rangoli? So, check out Dussehra’s 2022 start date and end date and arrange everything that you need for a rangoli. You do not have to make a great effort to set colours as it is available easily in the market during this time. Start your shopping for Dussehra before 26th of October as it is the start date and it’s ending on the 5th of October. 

Make Diyas 

If your little one studies at ORCHIDS, they learn how to make diyas in their DIY classes. So, join hands with them in their pure endeavour of making diyas and creating quality moments. 

Dussehra Greetings

Once Dussehra comes, your WhatsApp gets flooded with happy Dussehra texts and graphics. But, there are many other innovative ways to greet people on Dussehra. Go to Pinterest for more images regarding Dussehra. 

Every festival comes with lots of happiness and purity. People from all over the country join in such celebrations. Caste, religion, and no barriers matter when it comes to a festival of this grandeur. So, break all the boundaries on this Dussehra 2022 and relish the pure joy of the festival!

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