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Tips for child development in first 5 years

Tips for child development in first 5 years

The period of 5 years from the child’s birth plays an important role in their overall development. The meaning of the word ‘development’ in this context is their mental and physical growth. Firstly, in the case of mental growth, the most part of the brain development of children takes place during the first 5 years of their life. Also, prominent physical developments like crawling to running and clearly communicating happen in this stage. This is that special time when they embark on their milestone activities like the first word, first steps, the first wave, and similar gestures. Thus, it is mandatory to concentrate more on a child’s development from birth to 5 years of age. Read further to know some tips for child development in the first 5 years.

The child required the utmost care and protection from the parents during this time. Effective tips on parenting would definitely help the parents in taking the right decisions. This will ultimately help your child develop in all aspects at the expected pace.

1. Physical activity:

Always be keen on what your child’s daily schedule goes like. Make sure that they do not get stuck to electronic devices. Keeping them away from mobile phones and tablets is very much appreciable. Involve your kids in physical activities and you play along with them. This not only will keep them fit, but also, playing with the parents help in developing a healthy relationship between both.

2. Interactions:

After learning to speak and form sentences on their own, the child will bombard you with numerous questions. As this is the crucial time for their brain development it is important to take up the responsibility of answering their questions. Remember, “Communication is the key”. Not only with parents, teaching the child about respective manners and gestures while approaching elders and neighbours is also important. Moreover, this is the age they begin making friends. So, they have to be made aware of the interaction and healthy habits for child development.

3. Eating habits:

A parent’s first and foremost responsibility is to fill their little one’s tummy. The food you feed to your kid must be nutritious to supply to their growth needs. Junk food must be kept far away and providing homemade food is recommended. Healthy food habits will be taught to kids only through parents and especially the habits acquired in this age will turn out to be the foundation for their next phase of life.

4. Healthy surrounding:

The child is known to be keen and observant in this phase. They see, listen, question and understand at a very higher rate. Thus, it is a parent’s responsibility to offer such an environment for them. This greatly facilitates the kid’s mental growth. A good neighbourhood and caring people around will have a positive influence. The parents should be aware of all kinds of interaction the child has with the outside world. If the parent’s instinct found anything to be suspicious and as a bad influence for child development, it has to be eliminated from their child’s view.

In conclusion, these are some of the tips that could be followed for your child’s overall growth. It is always not necessary to compare your child’s growth with other children. Be a supportive parent for them and encourage for everything they could do at their pace and style. Happy parenting!