How To Help Your Children With Homework

Tips while assisting your little ones with homework

Tips while assisting your little ones with homework

Homeworks are a great way to know whether or not the child has actually understood whatever was taught in the school. As parents, it is our duty to assist our children, but without hovering around them or completing it on their behalf in case we feel that he/she may not be able to complete it. But it won’t do them any good if we are constantly providing them with answers. Homeworks are a tool for their better development and understanding, not extra baggage of work.

Here are a few ways to assist your child to do their homework efficiently.

1.) Routine is the key to success.

Homework is all about discipline, so we must consider at what time homework needs to be done and what routine needs to be followed so that it will help them develop a habit. Homework should always be done at the same time, mostly at the same place, without any distraction (By distraction It may be anything like television, phone, PlayStations, etc.). Doing homework alongside distractions can affect concentration. We should let them know that there is time for everything and this is to be achieved by following a proper routine. Let your child decide but make sure they’ll stick to it. 

Though schedules should be followed strictly, it should also take in context the amount of homework. Some days there are more, other days it is less. When they get more homework which is to be completed in a day, you should advise them to start early so that they won’t have to stay up late till night completing them. 

Make it your goal to complete homework mostly before dinner.

2.)  Assist your children

As parents, we are our child’s first teacher and it is our duty to assist our child. We can explain the answers but it makes more sense when kids find the answers by looking for them with our help. The goal is not to make the child’s work perfect, but rather to get the child to do them. Only then they can know if they are facing any difficulty in understanding. It is a parent’s job to see whether their child is doing any mistake or not, and if they have made a mistake somewhere, we should help them. We should also check whether or not they are learning from their mistakes. Parents should intervene without taking full control. Kids won’t like it if they are constantly told what to do. Let them make mistakes, only then they will learn.

3.)   Don’t do homework around the house

It may be very convenient for us to help assist our kids to do their homework while we are completing our household chores. Thus, many children bring their notebooks to the kitchen and do their homework, which isn’t very advisable. They will have many distractions. It is advisable to fix a place such as a study table or a quiet corner of the house where they can quietly do their homework. The stillness of the place will help them to concentrate.

4.)  Offer some Reward for achievement

You can offer some rewards for the completion of homework. Kids are naive in nature, they won’t judge you for anything, they just accept what you say or do. You can even turn the worrisome homework time into a game for your little one. You can ask them to guess how much time they would take to complete the homework and then set a timer. Reward them with treats or whatever they like e.g., you can say “if you complete the whole thing in 20 minutes, I’ll give you 30 more minutes to play”. Probably it will motivate him/her to complete the task on time with positive passion.

5.)  Give break to your child

If you feel that anyone of you (you and your child) is getting out of the zone or getting frustrated, give yourself and your child a break, it maybe 5-10 minutes. It will help both of you to regain your focus and let him do whatever he/she wants in the meantime, don’t stock them to make decisions on their own, you can only tell them what is right or wrong. Or if there are multiple homework, a break for 10 minutes between subjects is a good idea to help clear the mind.