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Discount Calculator

Formula :

Discount = Cost price – Selling Price

Cost Price (c.p):

Selling Price (s.p):

Discount (c.p-s.p):

Discount Percentage :

Discount Calculator is a free online calculator tool by which you can find the percentage of discounts with the help of cost price and selling price. It makes your calculation easy and accurate. It also displays the result in a fraction of a second. When you go shopping and see any dress whose price was 1900, you get it in just 1200. Do you know how much discount you are getting? It may take time to calculate it manually, but the Discount calculator makes your task hassle-free. To find the real deal, you get the discount result in seconds using this calculator.

What is a Discount?

A discount is when a certain amount or percentage is taken off of an item's regular price. When you go shopping during a festival, they will give you some amount of reduction on the original price. That is called a discount.

The Formula of Discount

Discount = Cost price – Selling Price

Example of Discount

1) Suppose you are at the supermarket, and you want to buy cookies. The cost of cookies is 650, but you get them for just 420 rs. Then what is the discount you got?
Given values are
Cost Price = 650
Selling Price = 420
Discount = ?
Let’s put values on formula
Discount = Cost price – Selling Price
Discount = 650 - 420
Discount = 230
Discount Percentage = 35 %

2) How to Use a Discount Calculator?

  1. Enter the value of the cost price.
  2. Enter the value of the selling price.
  3. Click on the “calculate” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the discount percentage, subtract the final price from the original price. Then divide the number by the original price. Multiply the result by 100.
Final price = 300
Original price = 550
Discount percentage = Original price - Final price
Discount percentage = 550 - 300 = 250
Discount percentage = 250 / 550 = 0.4545
Discount percentage = 0.4545 x 100 = 45 %
The discount percentage is 45 %

A cost price is the total amount of money a company spends to make a product or provide a service.

The selling price is the final price of any product paid by the end user, i.e., the customer.