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The right strategy for creating a good school magazine

School magazines form an integral component of School life. They act as a storehouse of oozing creative talents, thus acting as the foundation of later prosperity. One’s calibre as a writer will be revealed while writing here. In this aspect, school magazines act as the places where we can take the talent to its zenith, […]

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Books to Help Children Stay Sane During the Extended COVID-19 Lockdown

Recently the World Economic Forum (WEF) came up with a list of six books that can help children overcome the insecurity and frustration of living at home due to the raging pandemic. According to the WEF, introducing children to these books can help them mitigate risks associated with the pandemic and calm their fears. It […]

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The Importance of Reading

Reading is an art that has to be acquired through perseverance.  It is a window opened to the wonders of the world. All of us like stories. In the ancient past, man, wondering about the mysterious cosmic phenomena around him, attributed divinities to everything he saw. Be it the snow, the stone, animals or even […]

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