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Games and their impact on child development

Games are invariably related to the development of one’s persona. Imagine it’s being a sunny day, you are bored to death, and someone calls you to play a game of football. You would immediately join, and enjoy your time, plunging into a world of penalties and miraculous saves.  After that, you would feel that you […]

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Top Movies to Watch during Lockdown

In the middle of lockdown, we are all finding ourselves with extra time to spend with our families and there’s no better way to hit the couch with family than with a good film. Here’s a list of 10 movies by genres that you can watch with your family while the lockdown is in force. […]

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Best Language Apps to Use During COVID-19 Lockdown to Learn a New Language

With the lockdown now extended by another fortnight, it’s becoming difficult for children to while away time. There’s still a lot you can do to ensure your child gets the best education. Learning a new foreign language is one such important activity. Learning a new language is worth the money and time. According to researchers […]

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How Football Improves Academic Performance

Football has been a major mainstay of the Indian education system for a very long time.  Today, every major school has a football ground and a team that plays competitive football at all levels. While many students get involved in football for the love of the game, several significant benefits can be had from football. […]

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Why Arts Classes Are Important For Your Child

For several years now arts education in schools has been on the decline and has been gradually making way for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Arts is no longer recognized as a vital ingredient for 21st-century learning. However, arts holds as much weight today as it did years ago in a child’s holistic […]

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Top 10 Movies by Genre to Watch with Family

Family movie night is always fun. Imagine you’re on the couch together with your child, with some food on the side watching a nice movie together. You cry or laugh depending on what’s playing on the TV. But the fact is there is more to movie nights than just meets the eye. Any family that […]

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