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Schools in Goregaon

Mumbai is famous for education with top-notch educational institutions, even in its suburban areas. Orchids The International School in Goregaon is an example for it with its state of the art infrastructure and dedication in the educational field to produce excellent individuals with good credentials. Amidst the CBSE Schools in Goregaon, Orchids holds a special place for the excellent outputs it showcases in academics and other activities.

As part of the CBSE pattern of education, we make it a point to combine a variety of activities in our curriculum to motivate students in different aspects of learning with the effective functioning of their brains. We induce the activation of their multiple intelligences by enabling a learning ambience which provides ample scope for personal study space with individualized learning activities. Thus, we rank high among CBSE Schools in Mumbai Suburbs like Goregaon with our special focus on creating individual learners with unique learning space and thus making the best out of their learning capabilities and creative talents.

Learning becomes smooth and easy where technology has its major sway. We, at Orchids, know this secret of successful learning in the modern computer era and thus furnish a learning medium which is threaded by technological assistance with audio and visual aids. Our students become experts in learning with a modern classroom ambience where they get every possible reference and presentation through the befitting aids present there to supplement their educational aids. Thus, they gain updated knowledge in their syllabus and are able to beat others in the field of education they wish to specialize in.

Any human being becomes adorable when he does his part for the society without any hindrance. For this, he needs a morally upheld conscience and a courageous approach towards eradicating the ills of the society. He needs to be ethically binding with creative thinking capabilities. Orchids provides students who are individuals with all the above mentioned qualities, working for the upliftment of the society with a selfless heart and soul. This definitely makes us hold a special acclaim among CBSE Schools in Mumbai.

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