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CBSE Schools in Sion

Education through a CBSE pattern of learning is fruitful for the fact that it integrates all the mental faculties of the students in the right degree to bring out the best of student abilities. Orchids The International School among CBSE Schools in Sion brings this fact to the limelight through its spectrum of activities arranged for the young learners to get trained for coming out successful in all their future enterprises.

We are a noted name in Mumbai for the excellent infrastructure, we contain in our campus. Modern classrooms with audio and visual aids, excellent transport system, well equipped labs and so on are our special features which make our learning ambience interactive and inquisitive. Our teachers promote positive learning methods to inculcate valuable study habits in the students and thus help them imbibe right insights about their subject and get into the essence of the subjects with correct perspectives.

Academic excellence is essential for getting good job prospects and advanced study courses in the future. Orchids takes immense measures to fine tune student sensibilities in all major areas of learning through proper technological sources in the classrooms. The members of the Faculty also involve learner centric methods in their pedagogy to allow the free development of the learning faculties of the students. No wonder, the School has gained a special popularity among CBSE Schools in Sion.

Sports and cultural events are part of CBSE curriculum and students need them all for an overall growth of their personality. Orchids provides an ambience where there is a lot of scope for student activities in various cultural domains and sports events and expose their excellent skills in all these areas. Thus, we make students understand the value of education through culminated activities in various fields.

Among CBSE Schools in Sion, Orchids The International School is noteworthy for its worthy endeavors in the educational field and for its aim to bring out the students of great efficiency in various fields of activity.

Orchids The International School, an organized and Best School in Mumbai has its presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore , providing quality education to our students with the help of our well qualified and dedicated teachers. Good infrastructure, transport facilities from Sion and other interesting activities of kids have grabbed the attraction of a number of parents who live in Sion to acquire an admission in Orchids The International School, Kurla.

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