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CBSE Schools in South Mumbai

Among CBSE Schools in South Mumbai competing with one another in showing forth their students’ talents in a positive environment, Orchids The International School has carved a special place for itself with its exemplary learning atmosphere and exclusive teaching modalities. The School stays ahead of others with its technological enhancement and learner oriented methods in its curriculum.

As part of the CBSE method of teaching, our school implements systems and measures that complement student learning in an active manner with self interest and curiosity. Various activities that are based on innovation are incorporated in our syllabus to make students learn with fun and interest and get into the essence of the subject out of self interest. We guide, mentor and support our students in their learning process and help them relish their activities with a positive spirit.

Extracurricular activities are promoted in a full fledged manner in our institution to help students relax and learn and also develop their skills and capabilities in many fields of their choice where they feel that they could shine with their innate abilities and talents. Our sprawling campus with scope for all sports activities is the ideal place for students to indulge in a variety of games and athletic events and emerge as successful stars in various sports portfolios. We sincerely believe in maintaining a sound mind and a sound body for all our students.

Technology plays a major role in developing students’ technical skills and competence in grasping subject ideas with ease. Being one of the top CBSE Schools in South Mumbai, we make it a point to showcase excellent technological assistance to students through our modern classrooms and labs which are technologically enriched and thus make them get valuable academic inputs with ease.

Being one of the leading CBSE Schools in South Mumbai, Orchids has stamped its name through its meritorious service in the field of education.

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