OTIS Nagpur

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Nagpur

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Nagpur

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Orchids The International School - Nagpur(CBSE BOARD)

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Nagpur

Nestled in one of the most illustrious cities of Maharashtra, ORCHIDS The International School stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Nagpur.

Our schools' state-of-the-art facilities provide a conducive environment for both academic and extracurricular pursuits. At ORCHIDS The International School, we ...show more


Orchids The International School is at the top of the pedestal, with two decades of academic rigor, sports excellence, and world-class facilities.With 90+ schools across 25+ cities in India, we are touching 75k+ lives and shaping their minds. Orchids The International School turns learning into a joyful experience with the SHARPER philosophy and a hands-on learning approach. SHARPER is our guiding light: self-discipline, hard work, applied science, research, physical fitness, exposure, and reflective thinking

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Classroom where learning is top-notch
Round clock medical care
Computer lab where language is digital
A wide variety of sports
Library - Where wisdom is treasured
Swimming pool - Where coordination is mastered
Mess meals are family-style
Hostels are next home for kids
Music Rooms - Where imaginations are tuned

Nagpur campuses

List of 1 campuses in Nagpur (CBSE Board)
ORCHIDS Koradi Road