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CBSE Syllabus for Class 1 English

English is an important language for students to learn in order to communicate with their friends, teachers, and others. And it is crucial for class 1 students to grasp the basics of the English language in a simple and enjoyable way. The CBSE syllabus for class 1 English includes short stories, poems and rhymes to make students learn the pronunciation and understanding of the language.

CBSE English Syllabus Class 1

The CBSE class 1 English syllabus for the academic year 2022-2023 includes chapters that simplify and ease learning. The English course for class 1 is divided into the following two books:

1. Marigold

Sl.No Unit Name Chapter Name
1. A Happy Child Three Little Pigs
2. After A Bath The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe
3. One Little Kitten Laalu and Peelu
4. Once I Saw A Little Bird Mittu and the Yellow Mango
5. Merry Go Round Circle
6. If I Were An Apple Our Tree
7. A Kite Sundari
8. A Little Turtle The Tiger and the Mosquito
9. Clouds Anandi’s Rainbow
10. Flying Man The Tailor and his Friend


Sl.No Chapter Name
1. Clap, clap, clap
2. One, two
3. The Little Bird
4. Bubbles
5. Chhotu
6. Animals and Birds
7. Fruits and Vegetables
8. Who Am I?
9. Hide and Seek


The general objectives at Level-1 are:

  • to build familiarity with the language primarily through spoken input in meaningful situations (teacher talk, listening to recorded material, etc.).
  • to provide and monitor exposure to and comprehension of spoken, and spoken-and written inputs (through mother tongue, signs, visuals, pictures, sketches, gestures, single word questions/answers).
  • to help learners build a working proficiency in the language, especially with regard to listening with understanding and basic oral production (words/phrases, fragments of utterances, formulaic expressions as communicative devices).
  • to recite and sing poems, songs and rhymes and enact small plays/skits
  • to use drawing and painting as precursors to writing and relate these activities to oral communication.
  • to use drawing and painting as precursors to writing and relate these activities to oral
  • to become visually familiar with text [word(s)], what it means, and to notice its components - letter (s) and the sound-values they stand for.
  • to associate meaning with written/printed language.

At the end of this stage learners should be able to

  • talk about themselves, members of the family and the people in their surroundings.
  • follow simple instructions, requests and questions, and use formulaic expressions appropriately
  • enjoy doing tasks (including singing a rhyme or identifying a person, object or thing) in English
  • recognise whole words or chunks of language
  • recognise small and capital forms of English alphabet both in context and in isolation
  • read simple words/short sentences with the help of pictures and understand them
  • write simple words/phrases/short sentences

So, now you have a firm grasp on the CBSE English Syllabus for Class 1. We hope you find this comprehensive information on English Syllabus useful for your studies and preparation of your class 1 exams.

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