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CBSE Class 3 English Syllabus

English is the basic language across the globe when it comes to communication. The comprehensive syllabus of Class 3 English prescribed by CBSE is to provide the students with a communication-level understanding of the language by the means of story-based poems and lessons.


The Class 3 English syllabus for the year 2022-2023 includes one main book as per CBSE guidelines. It encompasses 10 Units - one poem and one lesson each.

NCERT Book (as per CBSE): Marigold- Part Three

Unit Poem Lesson
1. Good Morning The Magic Garden
2. Bird Talk Nina And The Sparrows
3. Little By Little The Enormous Turnip
4. Sea Song A Little Fish Story
5. The Balloon Man The Yellow Butterfly
6. Train  The Story of The Road
7. Puppy and I  Little Tiger, Big tiger
8. What’s In The Mailbox My Silly Sister
9. Don’t Tell He Is My Brother
10. How Creatures Move The Ship of The Desert


The general objectives at Level -II are:

  • To provide a print-rich environment to relate oracy with literacy. to build on learners’ readiness for reading and writing.
  • To promote learners’ conceptualisation of printed texts in terms of headings, paragraphs, and horizontal lines.
  • To enrich learners’ vocabulary mainly through telling, retelling, and reading aloud of stories/ folktales in English.
  • To use appropriate spoken and written language in meaningful contexts/situations.
  • To give them an opportunity to listen to sounds/sound techniques and appreciate the rhythm and music of rhymes/sounds.
  • To enable them to relate words (mainly in poems) with appropriate actions and thereby provide an understanding of the language.
  • To familiarize learners with the basic process of writing.
At the end of this stage, learners will be able to do the following>:
  • Narrate his/her experiences and incidents Syllabus for Classes at the Elementary Level 64.
  • Exchange his/her ideas with peers.
  • Carry out a brief conversation involving seeking/giving information.
  • Enjoy reading a story, poem, short write-up, notice, poster, etc.
  • Take dictation of simple sentences and practise copywriting from the blackboard and textbook and use common punctuation marks.
  • Write a short description of a person, thing, or place – prepare a notice, or write a message for someone.
  • Write a short composition based on pictures.
  • Take part in group activities, role play, and dramatisation.

The above-mentioned objectives give you clear goals to look forward to when teaching/ learning the syllabus for grade 3 English with emphasis on the active learning and participation from the kids.