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Orchids the International School is thrilled to announce the “CHILDREN’S ART FEST” 2022-23 to be conducted in the month of February 2023 in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune.

The Art Fest, as the name suggests, is a culmination of all art forms that the students have learned over the academic year and will be presented under one roof. The festival will showcase students’ dance performances, street plays, skits, musical routines, visual arts, DIY exhibitions, and live workshops along with food and fun counters.

The festival is planned such that students’ performances will be simultaneously ongoing on multiple stages thus allowing parents to see their ward’s performances as well as other concerts. Each student will have a chance to show their talents in 2 art forms.

The Art Forms


Dance being an integral part of our heritage, we encourage our students to learn various types of dances. Our curriculum is aligned with national and international dance forms and this will be displayed in the Children’s Art Festival. Students will be presenting Bihu Bhangra, Hip Hop, Tarantula, and Jazz which will be an amalgamation of different dance and Art forms. You will witness mesmerizing dance and some awesome choreography. Read more


The theatre curriculum provides children with lifelong lessons and the art of dramatizing prose and poetry. Theatre also enhances critical thinking, adaptability, teamwork, and creativity. The Children’s Art Festival will showcase outstanding mimes, Street plays on social issues, and Dramatized poetry by the students, all of which will steal your heart.


The music curriculum includes understanding and learning Indian and Western music. The students will present various melodies, both vocal and instrumental, in the Children’s Art Festival. The Rock Band is the highlight of the event, where students from various branches will showcase their proficiency in drums and guitar.


DIY or Do it yourself, as the name suggests, is a skill- based curriculum, developing the competencies in knowledge, understanding skills, and values through need-based life activities. In the Children’s Art Festival, the projects done by students will be displayed. These projects are made by incorporating the use of technical skills, hands-on experiences, and practical and conceptual knowledge of multiple uses of the basic tools available in their immediate environment. The DIY various takeaway workshops at the venue will allow the parents to witness the learning and participate in clay modelling, candle, and soap making. Read more

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