NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Chapter 16 The tiger and the Mosquito
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NCERT Solutions for Class-1 Chapter-16 Story: The Tiger and The Mosquito

Once there was a tiger who was falling asleep under a tree when a mosquito came buzzing near him. He tried to get rid of the mosquito but to no avail. Instead of hitting the mosquito, the tiger hit himself by mistake and injured his own cheeks. The tiger accepted defeat and walked away. The mosquito looked at the defeated tiger. The mosquito advised him not to be proud as every individual is great on their own and has their own strengths.

The NCERT solutions for this chapter helps the child to:

philosophyDescribe the animals based on their appearance.

philosophyWrite a picture composition.

philosophyTrace letters and words in the text.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Question 1 : What was the tiger doing when the mosquito came buzzing by?

Answer : The tiger was taking a nap under a tree when the mosquito came buzzing by.

Question 2 : Why did the tiger’s cheek start to bleed?

Answer : The tiger was trying to hit the mosquito with his paw, and the paw struck his own cheek. This blow wounded the tiger’s cheek, and it started to bleed.

Question 3 : Why did the tiger walk away?

Answer : The tiger tried to get rid of the mosquito, but it continued to buzz. He tried to hurt the mosquito. Instead, he hurt himself with his paw. He was feeling powerless. Therefore, he gave up and walked away.


Question 1 : Why did the mosquito say, “I am not afraid of you!”?

Answer : The mosquito said that it wasn’t afraid of the tiger as the mosquito knew that the tiger would not be able to harm the mosquito. Its tiny size would make it difficult for the tiger to harm it.


Question 1 : What do we learn from this story?

Answer : We learn from the story is that we should never think less of anyone. We should never belittle other’s abilities. Everyone is unique and precious in his/her own way. We should never look down on someone.

Question 2 : Describe the lion and the tiger. How are they different from each other?

Answer :

Lions have a tan coloured tail, fur and dark brown mane.Tigers have black strips on their body.
Lions are lazy and will not do anything unless they really have to.Tigers are more active and aggressive.
Lion cannot climb trees.Tigers can climb trees.
Lion is brown in colour.Tigers are mostly yellow and orange in colour.


Question 1: Fill in the blanks by tracing the dotted.

Answer :


Question 1: G       H       I       J       K       L

Answer :


Question 1: Look at the pictures below

(i) What are the cat and mouse saying?
(ii) First say this in your own language.
(iii) Now act out the story and say the words and sentences in English.

Answer :

(i) Cat: “Wow! There is a teeny-tiny mouse. I will grab it and eat it because I am feeling very hungry today.”
Mouse: “Yummy! This cheese is so tasty. Oh no! This is the mischievous cat who killed my friend. I will not be afraid of him and I will teach him a lesson today.”

Cat: “Hello, little mouse!. I am going to eat you. You won’t be able to run away from me.

Mouse: “Hey, big cat! Do you want to catch me? Come after me. (after a few seconds…)

Mouse: “I have an idea. There is a magnifying glass that makes things look bigger. I will scare the cat with the help of it.” The mouse stands behind the magnifying glass waiting for the cat to see it)

Cat: “Oh heavens! How come the mouse grew so big! It seems like the mouse will eat me. I will have to run and save my life.”

(Note: Students should narrate the story in their own language)

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