NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Chapter 4 The Bubble, The Straw, and the Shoe
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Chapter 4 Story: The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe

The chapter, The Bubble the Straw and the Shoe is a tale that narrates a story of three friends who visit the forest, and soon they reach a river which they are in dire need to cross it. The bubble suggested that the straw should stretch itself from one bank of the river to the other, and the straw complied. The shoe jumped over the straw, but the straw broke, and the shoe fell into the river. Looking at the straw, and the shoe, the bubble burst out laughing and popped. This fable shows how poor planning leads to poor results.

The NCERT Class 1 English Chapter 4 solutions for this chapter helps the child to::

philosophyMake inferences from the text.

philosophyPerform activity of bubble making using a straw.

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Chapter 4: The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe

Reading is fun

Question 1 : Name the three friends.

Answer : The three friends mentioned in the story are the Bubble, the Straw, and the Shoe.

Question 2 : Where did they go one day?

Answer : All the three friends went to a forest one day.

Question 3 : What did they want to do?

Answer : The three friends wanted to go to a river. They wanted to cross it but did not know how to do it.

Let’s talk

Question 1 : How do you make bubbles?

Answer : We can make bubbles by mixing some liquid soap and water in a container. Make sure you mix it well. This will create a lather from the mixture and use a straw or a wire with a loop on one end to blow the bubbles in the air.

Question 2 : What do you wear on your feet?

Answer : I wear slippers, boots, shoes, sandals, and socks on my feet.

Question 3 : How would you cross a river?

Answer : I would cross a river in a boat or on a bridge.

Let’s share

Question 1 : Put these doing words into the sentences.
(jumped shook stretched burst)
The Straw _____________ himself from one bank to the other.
The Shoe __________________ on the Straw.
The Bubble ______________ and ______________ with laughter and _______________ with big bang.

Answer :
The Straw stretched himself from one bank to the other.
The Shoe jumped on the Straw.
The Bubble shook and shook with laughter and burst with a big bang.

Let’s draw

Question 1 : Trace the journey of a tadpole.

Answer :

Question 2 : Draw the bubbles. Trace and say the letters aloud.

Answer :

Question 3 : Match the balls with their numbers. Now trace the numbers.

Answer :

Think time

Question 1 : Look at these objects. Put them into a tub of water. Say which one will float and which one will sink.

Answer :
The things that will not sink are as follows: ribbon, feather, leaf, stick, paper, and straw. These things will float in water as they are very light.
The things that will sink are as follows: marble, stone, shoes, and spoon. These things will sink as they are heavy, so they cannot float.
(Note: Students can complete the above activity on their own.)

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