NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Chapter 8 Mittu and the yellow Mango
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NCERT Solutions for Class-1 Chapter-8 Story: Mittu And the Yellow Mango

The Mittu and the Yellow Mango Class 1 story authored by Chitra Narendran tells the story of a green parrot named Mittu. One day Mittu spots a yellow mango hanging from a mango tree. He wanted to eat the mango, but the crow on the tree wouldn’t allow Mittu to eat the mango. Mittu had an idea of scaring the crow so he burst a balloon near the crow. The crow got scared from the loud sound and flew away. Mittu could eat the mango happily.

The NCERT Mittu and the Yellow Mango worksheet solutions for this poem helps the child to:

philosophylist fruits and the trees that they grow on.

philosophytrace vowels.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Mittu And the Yellow Mango in PDF

Chapter 8: Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Reading is fun

Question 1 : What did Mittu see on the tree?

Answer : Mittu saw a big yellow mango on the tree.

Question 2 : What did the big black crow say?

Answer : The big black crow shouted harshly, ‘Caw caw’ and told Mittu to go away because this tree belonged to the crow only.

Question 3 : What did Mittu see under the tree?

Answer : Mittu saw a red balloon under the tree.

Let’s talk

Question 1 : Do you like eating mangoes?

Answer : Yes, I like eating mangoes. Among all the fruits, mango is my favourite fruit.

Question 2 : Do you like green mangoes? Why?

Answer : Yes, I like green mangoes. They taste sour. Sometimes they may taste sweet too. My mother makes delicious mango salad and pickles which everyone enjoys eating.

Question 3 : Do you like yellow mangoes? Why?

Answer : Yes, I like yellow mangoes a lot. They are sweet in flavourful, and very juicy.

Let’s share

Question 1 : Colour the chilli red and the parrot in colours of your choice.

(Note: Activity to be done by yourself.)

Answer :

Question 2 : Trace the path of the lady bird.

Answer :

Question 3 : Match the fruit and vegetables to the trees they grow on.

Answer :

Learn to write

Question 1 : Draw over the dotted lines.

Answer :

(Note: The above activity can be done by yourself.)

Question 2 : Choose a letter from the box and complete the words below.
(a      e       i       o       u)

s _ tp _ gb _ gd _ ts _ n
f _ nl _ gs _ tl _ tb _ n

Answer :

s i tp i gb a gd o ts u n
f a nl e gs e tl o tb u n

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