NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapter 15 I Am The Music Man
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NCERT Solutions for Class-2 Chapter-14 Story: Make it Shorter

The Make it Shorter class 2 English chapter tells us about Akbar challenging his ministers' knowledge by giving them a task. He draws a line on the ground and asks them to make it shorter without rubbing off any part of the line. All the ministers in the court are unable to reduce it. Then the task fell to Birbal, who was clever. He drew a line beside the line the king drew, but this line was longer than the other line, hence making it shorter. Everyone agreed with Birbal’s response.

The NCERT solutions for this Make it Shorter chapter helps the child to:

philosophyMake inferences from the text.

philosophyDescribe a cat based on an illustration.

philosophyTrace a sentence in the text.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Make it Shorter in PDF

Chapter 14: Make it Shorter

Reading is Fun

Question 1 : What did Akbar order one day?

Answer : One day, Akbar drew a line on the floor and ordered to make the line shorter. He also ordered to not rub away any part of the line.

Question 2 : What did each minister do?

Answer : Each minister was confused and didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t think of a way to make it shorter without erasing it.

Question 3 : How did Birbal make the line shorter?

Answer : Birbal was clever enough to draw a longer line just below the short line. In this way, he could make the first line shorter without even touching it.

Say Aloud

Question 1 : Which letters cannot be heard when we say the words?

Answer :
The letters that cannot be heard are written in brackets:
short- ( r ) shorter- ( r )
bright- ( gh ) brighter- ( gh )
dark- ( r ), darker- ( r )
light- ( gh ) lighter-( gh )

Team time

Question 1 : Discuss with your partner and draw pictures to show the following-
1. The ball on the left side is bigger than the one on the right.
2. Rita is shorter than Radha.
3. Rughu’s basket is heavier than Ratan’s.
4. Rajat is taller than Raj.

(Note: Students are advised to attempt the above question on their own.)

Picture story

Question 1 : Describe the cat in your own words.

Answer : The cat has a round face and two pointed ears. It also has two whiskers one each on both sides of the mouth. It is white in colour and has four legs. It also has a long tail.

Let’s practice

Question 1 :

Answer :

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