NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapter 16 The Mumbai Musicians
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Chapter-16 Story: The Mumbai Musicians

The NCERT class 2 English chapter 16 story is an adaptation taken from the book ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’ written by Grimm. The main character in the story is a donkey, Goopu, who leaves with a bag of corn to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician in Mumbai. The donkey meets a dog, a cat, and a cock and tells them where he is headed. They all wanted to share his ambition and form a band. Soon, they were hungry when they reached a house and saw food in the house. They tried to showcase their talent. They sang to their heart's content, and this only scared the people in the house. The people ran away from the house thinking they heard a ghost and the donkey and his friends had all the food to themselves.

The class 2 English The Mumbai Musicians chapter helps the child to:

philosophyUse antonyms in a sentence.

philosophyIdentify the instruments that can be played in various ways.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Chapter 16: The Mumbai Musicians

Reading is Fun

Question 1 : Why did the farmer tell Goopu to see the world?

Answer : The farmer told Goopu to go and see the world before he became old.

Question 2 : Why did Goopu, Doopu and Furry want to go to Mumbai?

Answer : Goopu, Doopu and Furry wanted to go to Mumbai to become musicians.

Question 3 : Why did the people in the house run away?

Answer : The people inside the house ran away because they got scared and thought that there was a ghost.

Let’s Talk

Question 1 : If you were to join the animal band, which animal would you want to be? Create the sound of that animal. Get together with your friends. As a group create the sound of the animal each one of you wants to be.

Answer : I would like to be a tiger. I want to growl like a tiger.
(Note: Students should write their own answer.)

Question 2 : The donkey saw a ball of fur and it was a cat. If you were to see a big ball of fur what could that be?

Answer : If I were to see a big ball of fur, then it would be a puppy or a hamster.

Question 3 : Let’s sort out these words –
Pick the words from the bags and put them on the right shelf. One has been done for you. Say the words aloud.

Answer :

Let’s Write

Question 1 :
Do you play any musical instrument?
Yes, I ____________________

Answer :
Yes, I can play guitar.
(Note: You can write your own answer.)

Question 2 :
If no, which instrument do you want to learn?
I would ________________________

Answer :
I would also like to learn the piano.
(Note: You can write your own answer.)

Question 3 : Add the word of the opposite gender in the given sentences.
Anju’s mother and _____ came to the school.
My uncle and _____ came to visit us on Monday.
The lion and _____ looked lovingly at their cub.
The King and _____ sat on beautiful thrones.
The man is running and the _____ is walking.
My grandfather and _____ went to the market.

Answer :

Anju’s mother and father came to the school.
My uncle and aunt came to visit us on Monday.
The lion and lioness looked lovingly at their cub.
The King and Queen sat on beautiful thrones.
The man is running and the woman is walking.
My grandfather and grandmother went to the market.

Fun Time

Let’s play Bingo –

Question 1 : Write any nine words from the given list in the boxes. Put only one word in one box.

Answer :

The teacher will call out any six words. If the word she calls out is in the box put a cross on it. The one who crosses out all the words first shouts “Bingo” and is the winner.
(Note: Activity to be done by the student.)

Question 2 : In what way are these musical instruments different from each other? Put them into three groups based on how they are played.

Answer :

Instruments that you play with fingers

String Instruments

Instruments that you blow into

Question 4 : This is the picture of a musical instrument called Jaltarang.

• Make your own Jaltarang.
• Get six to ten bowls of the same size and shape.
• Pour water into the bowls. Keep the water at different levels.
• Use two pencils and strike the rim of the bowls to make musical sounds.

(Note: Students should attempt the question on their own.)

Question 6: The word Jaltarang is made up of two words Jal – water, tarang – music. Now make new words by joining two words. One has been done for you.

Answer :

Let’s Practise

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