NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapter 4 I Want
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NCERT Solutions for Class-2 Chapter-4 : I Want

The story tells the reader of a little monkey visited by a wise woman who gives the little monkey a magic wand. After encountering a giraffe, an elephant, and a zebra, the little monkey wishes to have a long neck like the giraffe, and a nose like an elephant's trunk, and the zebra’s stripes. Later, the little monkey sees his reflection in the water. He is horrified at his looks and realises he wants to be himself again. His wish comes true. At the end of the chapter I Want class 2 he is transformed back to his original form.

Students in this unit should focus on:

philosophyUsing the correct spelling for two-letter words.

philosophyUsing the correct collective noun for animals

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Chapter 4: I Want

Think and Tell

Question 1 : Put a tick or a cross against the following sentences. One has been done for you.

Answer :

The Little Monkey wants to be big and strong.
A wise woman does not hear him.
She gives him a wand.
The giraffe stretches his long neck.
The elephant has no trunk.
The zebra has stripes.
The Little Monkey sees a monster in the river.

Let’s Talk

Question 1 : Is there anyone in your class whom you like?

Answer : I like Neha in my class. She is a very intelligent girl.
(Note: Students can write an answer on their own.)

Question 2 : Do you want to be like her/him? Why?

Answer : Yes, I want to be like Neha. She is very intelligent and punctual.
(Note: Students can write an answer on their own.)

Question 3 : Do you know about the food that each animal eats?

Answer : No, I don’t know about each food that each animal eats.
(Note: Students can write an answer on their own.)

Let’s Listen

Question 1 : What does Little Monkey want to be?

Answer : The Little Monkey wants to be big and strong.

Question 2 : Who hears him?

Answer : A wise woman hears him.

Question 3 : How does an elephant have a bath?

Answer : The elephant has his bath by filling his trunk with water and blowing it on himself.

Question 4 : Does the Zebra have spots or stripes?

Answer : The zebra has stripes.

Question 5 : Why does Little Monkey want to be himself again?

Answer : After getting the neck of the giraffe, an elephant's trunk, and the stripes of the zebra, the monkey goes to the river and sees himself in the water. The monkey gets frightened and thinks of himself to be a monster. Thus, he wanted to be his older self again.

Let’s Act

Question 1 : What would you do, if you had a magic wand?

Answer :
I would turn it round and round and turn a book into a chocolate.
I would turn a dog into a cat.
I would turn a pencil into a paintbrush.
I would turn you into a donkey.

Let’s Find

Question 1 : Now write about your favourite animal or bird by completing these sentences.

Answer :
My favourite animal/bird is Lion.
I like it because it is very strong.
I don't like it because it is dangerous.
I think it looks like big cats.

Word Building

Question 1 : Match the animal to its group.

Answer :

Let’s Write

Question 1 : The monkey wrote to his mother - i look awful
He made two mistakes. What are they?
Write the sentences correctly.

Answer : The first mistake- "I" should always be written in a capital letter.
Secondly, there must be a full stop at the end of a sentence.
The correct sentence- I look awful.

Question 2 : Put the letters in order to make a word.
Two have been done for you.
ot to si is eh ________ gib ________
mih _______ sih ________ reh ________ nac ________

Answer :
ot to. si is. eh he. gib big.
mih him. sih his. reh her. nac can.

Question 3: Look at the pictures, count and write.

Answer :

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