NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 8 A Little Fish Story
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NCERT Solutions for Class-3 Chapter-8 Story : A Little Fish Story

A Little Fish Story is about a fish which was not happy because it was smaller than the other fish in the sea. One day the little fish was trapped in a great net along with the other fish. The little fish was small enough to wriggle through the mesh and swim free. The little fish was happy, and the other fish never heard him complain about it.

The solutions for NCERT English class 3 chapter 8 help the child to:

philosophyuse collective nouns appropriately.

philosophyuse the correct verb in sentences.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 8, A Little Fish Story question answer in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for A Little Fish Story in PDF

Chapter 8: A Little Fish Story

Reading is Fun

Question 1 : How many fish are there in the sea?

Answer : There are millions of fish in the seas.

Question 2 : Why was the little fish unhappy?

Answer : The little fish was unhappy because it was very small.

Question 3 : What happened to the fish one day?

Answer : One day the fish was trapped in the mesh of a net.

Question 4 : Why was the fish thankful to be a little fish?

Answer : The fish was thankful to be a little fish as it could escape from the net because it was small in size.

Talk time

Question 1 : Imagine you are a little fish. Describe what you might see around you.

Answer : If I was a small fish, I would see through water easily. I would swim and meet all the creatures around me. I would have a lot of colourful fish friends. I would see several plants floating. There are huge fish too. I would swim away on seeing them. I would escape from a fishnet many times only because of my small size.

Question 2 : In your class, talk about the time you were caught doing something you were not supposed to do. You can discuss in your own language as well as in English.

Answer : In my maths class, I was caught by my teacher reading a story book. I was reading Harry Potter and did not realize when the teacher walked up to my desk.

Word building

Question 1 : Look at the pattern and fill in the blanks.

look – lookedtalk – ________
pick – ________wish – ________
bark – ________pull – ________
want – ________help – ________

Answer :

look – lookedtalk – talked
pick – pickedwish – wished
bark – barkedpull – pulled
want – wantedhelp – helped

Question 2 : Fill in the blanks with the right word from the box.

paper flowers water matches cows wolves
A glass of _____A bunch of _____
A box of ______A herd of _____
A sheet of _____A pack of _____

Answer :

A glass of waterA bunch of flowers
A box of flowersA herd of cows
A sheet of paperA pack of wolves

Let’s write

Question 1 : Look at the following sentence.
If I were only larger, how much happier I could be.
Make more sentences like this using the words in the box.

taller thinner smaller cleverer younger older

Answer :
1. If I were only thinner, how much happier I could be.
2. If I were only taller, how much happier I could be.
3. If I were only cleverer, how much happier I could be.
4. If I were only smaller, how much happier I could be.
5. If I were only older, how much happier I could be.
6. If I were only younger, how much happier I could be.

Song time

Question 1 : Choose the right words.
1. Mahesh sings a (long/little) song.
2. Venkatesh (looks/shouts) at him.
3. Venkatesh thinks Mahesh is (crying/laughing).
4. Mahesh is (singing/saying) a song.
5. The song is in (Telugu/English).

Answer :
1. Mahesh sings a little song.
2. Venkatesh shouts at him.
3. Venkatesh thinks Mahesh is crying.
4. Mahesh is singing a song.
5. The song is in English.

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