NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 14 Little Tiger, Big Tiger
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NCERT Solutions for Class-3 Chapter-14 Story: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

The Little Tiger Big Tiger story is about a small tiger cub who lives with his mother in a shady jungle. She hunts a jungle fowl or river fish, but she does not hunt every night. Sometimes the cub liked to play with the mother tiger. In a year, the tiger-cub was a full-grown tiger. He hunted for fun at night and roared to tell all the animals in the jungle.

The NCERT solutions for class 3 English Little Tiger Big Tiger helps the child to:

philosophyMatch the animal names with their young ones.

philosophyIdentify the habitat of wild animals.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 14 Little Tiger Big Tiger question answers in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Little Tiger, Big Tiger in PDF

Chapter 14: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Reading is Fun

Tick the right answer.

Question 1(i): Where did the mother tiger and her small tiger cub live?
a. near a river       c. near a forest
b. near a mountain       d. near a sea

Answer :
a. near a river

Question 1(ii): What did the mother tiger hunt when the sky was dark?
a. sheep and goats       c. deer and pigs
b. fish and frogs       d. donkeys and horses

Answer :
c. deer and pigs

Question 1(iii): What did the tiger cub catch one night?
a. a deer       c. a pig
b. a frog       d. a cat

Answer :
b. a frog

Question 2: What happened to the little tiger cub when he chased the frog?

Answer : A big Tiger came near the cub when he chased the frog.

Word building

Question i): Match the animals with their young ones.

horse       kittens
dog       calf
cat       colt
cow       puppy
pig       cub
tiger       piglet
sheep       kid
goat       duckling
duck       lamb

Answer :

Question ii): Word Game: Can you place these letters in their right order to form the names of animals?
e.g. a t c — cat
s e m o u ______
r e s o h ______
o i n l ______
p e s h e _____
r e d e ______
l u b l ______
g i t e r _____
f o l w _____

Answer : s e m o u       mouse
r e s o h       horse
o i n l       lion
p e s h e       sheep
r e d e       deer
l u b l       bull
g i t e r       tiger
f o l w       wolf

Question iii): The animals/birds in Column A have to reach their homes in Column B.
Find out where they live.

A beeburrow
An antweb
A ducknest
A tiger lives in a den
A rabbithive
A spiderpond
A sparrowant hill

Answer :

Let’s write

Question 1: Now write six sentences from the pictures given in exercise (iii) of word building. One has been done for you below.
A tiger lives in a den

Answer :
1. A bee lives in a hive.
2. An ant lives in an anthill.
3. A duck lives in a pond.
4. A rabbit lives in a burrow.
5. A spider lives in a web.
6. A sparrow lives in a nest.

Talk time

Question: The little tiger cub slipped away when his mother was asleep. He soon got into trouble. Tell the class about a similar incident when you did not listen to your parents and found yourself in trouble.

Answer : My mother had told me to wait inside the school premises till she came to pick me up. However, I thought to try going home by myself. But I got lost and could not find my way back home.

Team time

Question 2: Make groups. One person from each group should act like:
1. The mother tiger 2. The cub
3. The large male tiger 4. The frog
5. The sambhar/kakar deer 6. The langur monkey
Now act out the story, first in your own language and then in English.
(Note: Students should attempt this above answer on their own.)

Say aloud

Question : Who am I?
Look at the pictures and read the clues. Then complete this crossword puzzle. The first clue is done for you.

1. I give wool
2. I lay eggs
3. I give you milk
4. I carry loads
5. I neigh
6. I am man’s best friend
7. I live in a sty
8. I bleat
9. I am the Ship of the Desert

Answer :

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