NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 17 Don’t Tell
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NCERT Solutions for Class-3 Chapter-17 Poem: Don’t Tell

In the poem Don t Tell Irene Yates, the poet shares the thoughts of a child who is constantly told that he is not big enough to do anything he wants. Still, he has a secret that he is a giant on the inside, and he shall not tell anyone about this secret.

The NCERT solutions for Don t Tell poem class 3 helps the child to:

philosophyrelate and make personal inferences about the text.

philosophyidentify ‘j’ sounds in the given words.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 17 Don’t Tell question answer in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Don’t Tell in PDF

Chapter 17: Don’t Tell

Reading is Fun

Question 1: How old is the speaker?

Answer : The speaker is a young boy.

Question 2: Who are ‘they’ and ‘them’ in the poem?

Answer : ‘They’ refer to the young boy’s parents, and ‘them’ refers to other adults he knows.

Question 3: What is the secret the speaker is hiding?

Answer : The speaker is hiding the secret that on the inside, he is a giant.

Talk time

Question 1: Think of three things that ‘they’ won’t let you do.

Answer : The three things that they won’t let me do:
They will not allow me to go alone to school.
They will not allow me to drive a vehicle.
They will not allow me to play games on the mobile all the time.

Question 2: What are the things you’d like to do when you are grown-up that you can’t do now?

Answer :
I would like to go out alone.
I would like to drive a vehicle on my own.
I would like to own a mobile phone and use it whenever I need it.

Word Building

Question 1: Using the letters of the given word, make three words. One is done for you.

Answer :

Question 2: Look at these words in the poem.
Don’t       I’m       I'll
Here are their full forms:
Don’t – Do not       I’m – I am        I’ll – I will
(Note: Students are advised to read the above exercise independently.)

Question 2(i): Now write the full forms of the following words.
Can’t _____ It’s _______ Isn’t _____
What's ______ That's _____

Answer :

Can’t Cannot       It’s It is        Isn’t Is not
What's What is        That's That is

Question 2(ii): Make sentences using the following
He’s       She’s       You’re       We’re

Answer :
He’s your little brother, do not quarrel.
She’s not keeping well since last few days.
You’re the daughter of Mr. Kailash Singh, right!
We’re planning to visit our native place next week.
(Note: You can write sentences of your choice.)

Question 2(iii): Now write about two things you’ll do when you grow up. You can begin like this:
When I grow up, I’ll_________.

Answer :
When I grow up, I’ll go out alone to the market.
When I grow up, I will buy chocolates whenever I want.
When I grow up, I will drive a bike of my own.

Team time

Question 2: Class Word Chart — How many new words have you learnt? Write down three words you have learnt so far. Write them down on a chart or blackboard. Tell their meanings to the class.

Answer :
I have learned four new words from this poem, and they are giant, enough, chance and patient.
Enough means sufficient
Giant means huge
Chance means an opportunity
Patient means to tolerate

Question : Choose and tick the words with a 'j' sound.

a. Januarygoosegemjam
b. jacket giraffegrowJuly
c. giant grapesgreyJune

Answer :

a. January ✔goosegem ✔jam ✔
b. jacket ✔giraffe ✔growJuly ✔
c. giant ✔grapesgreyJune ✔

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