NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 2 Magic Garden
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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter-2 Story: The Magic Garden

The magic garden summary describes a magical garden located in a school playground. There were different flowers in the magical garden like the marigolds, poppies and pansies. The flowers in the garden spoke to the birds and told them they loved the children because they water the plants and dig the ground well. The birds tell the flowers that even they love little children. This garden also had fairies who came out and sang sweet songs that only children heard. Thise class 3 the magic garden, gives students the opportunity to imagine a mystical garden.

The Magic Garden question answer for this chapter helps the child to:

philosophy to appreciate the beauty in nature.

philosophyto understand the world around them.

philosophyto recognise the proper use of parts of speech.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download solutions for the Magic Garden class 3 in pdf format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Magic Garden in PDF

Chapter 2: The Magic Garden

Reading is fun

Question 1 : Why did the flowers love the little children?

Answer : The flowers loved the children as they took good care of them. They dug the ground well and watered their thirsty roots.

Question 2 : Why did the birds love the children?

Answer : The birds loved the children as they would get bread for them.

Question 3 : Name five flowers growing in the magic garden.

Answer : The magic garden had five growing flowers such as sunflowers, roses, marigolds, poppies and pansies.

Question 4 : What sounds could the children hear in the garden?

Answer : The children could hear the songs that the fairies would sing.

Talk time

Question 1 : Which one is your favourite flower? Learn its name in English.

Answer : My favourite flower is Jasmine.
(Note: Students can mention a flower of your choice.)

Word building

Question 1 : Name two words in each petal which you see in a garden.

Answer :

Let’s Write

Question 1 : Imagine you have a big garden. What would it look like? Draw a picture here.

Answer : (Note: Students can draw a garden of your choice.)

Question 2 : What would you like to grow in your garden? Write three sentences giving the names of the flowers that you might like to grow in your garden.

Answer : 1. In my garden I would like to grow roses.
2. In my garden I would like to grow lilies.
3. In my garden I would like to grow dahlia.

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