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NCERT Solutions for Class-3 Chapter-5 Poem: Little by Little

The poem Little by Little tells about how acorn grow into a tree little by little, every day. The little acorn sips the dew and its thread-like root grows in the soil. It grows steadily day after day, year after year. Soon, it grows into a mighty oak and becomes the pride of the forest.

The NCERT class 3 English little by little helps the child to:

philosophyChoose the rhyming words from the poem.

philosophyUnderstand the various stages of the growth of a seed.

philosophyList the names of common trees

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 5, Little by Little poem class 3 questions and answers in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Little by Little in PDF

Chapter 5: Little by Little

Reading is Fun

Question 1 : Name the tree that the acorn grows into.

Answer : The acorn grows into an oak tree.

Question 2 : What things does a seed need to grow?

Answer : A seed needs soil, water, sunlight, and moisture to grow.

Question 3 : How many describing words can you find in this poem?

Answer : The describing words found in this poem are little mossy, slowly, hidden deep, thread-like, tiny, slender, wide, and mighty.

Talk time

Question 1 : Look at the two pictures. Find four things that are different about these trees and talk about them.

Answer :
1. The tree shown in picture 1 is happy, but the tree in picture 2 is sad.
2. The tree in picture 1 gives fruits, vegetables and has medicinal value.
The tree in picture 2 shows no such things.
3. There is a proper nest in the tree of picture 1, but the nest in the tree of picture 2 is damaged.
4. The tree in picture 1 shows humans get many things from it. In picture 2, the tree’s branches are cut to light fire.
( Note: you can speak your own answer.)

Let’s Write

Question 1 :
Look at Picture 1. Write three sentences on what the trees give us.

Answer :
1. The tree gives fresh air to breathe for humans.
2. The tree gives us fruits and vegetables.
3. The tree also has medicinal properties, which are very useful.

Question 2 :
Now look at Picture 2. Write three sentences on how we harm trees.

Answer :
1. The wood of the tree is used for burning.
2. Since the nest is damaged the birds fly away.
3. The wood of the tree is used to make furniture.

Question 3 :
These words describe parts of a tree.
Write them in the given space.
stem ________________________
bark ________________________
leaves ________________________
branch ________________________
twigs ________________________
root ________________________
shoot ________________________

Answer :
Stem: The stem in the part of the tree above the soil and it is known as the trunk.
Bark: The outer layer of the stem of the tree is known as bark.
Leaves: The leaves provide food for the tree.
Branch: The branch of a tree has flowers or leaves or fruits growing on them.
Twigs: A small division of a branch or a tiny branch is known as the twigs of a tree.
Root: The base of the tree is its roots. Strong roots make a strong tree.
Shoot: The shoot of a tree is above ground and bears leaves.

Question 4 :
Match the opposites. One has been done for you.


Answer :

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