NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS Chapter 4 Our First School
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EVS Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-4: Our First School

NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter 4 Our First School deals with a child’s first school, i.e., their family.

The chapter—

  • explores the relationships between husband-wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter, father-son, and different family members.
  • gives an idea about family professions through the example of Anwar and his cousin Tauriq.
  • mentions the rules and rituals of different families through Surekha’s story.

The chapter Our First School Class 3 guides young learners toward the importance of family relations. Overall, this chapter provides a wholesome overview of a family and its members’ bonding.

The NCERT textbook (Looking Around) questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 4 Our First School in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Our First School in PDF

Chapter 4:Our First School

Question 1:Who all are there in your family? Write their names and how they are related to you.

Name Relationship Name Relationship

Answer : Hi, I am Swapnil Patil. In my family, there are six members—Me, my brother, my father, my mother, my grandfather and my grandmother.

Name Relationship Name Relationship
Santosh Patil Father Govind Patil Grandfather
Usha Patil Mother Mother Grandmother
Swapnil Patil Myself Gaurav Patil Brother

Question 2: Write the relationship between any two members of your family— such as husband-wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter...

Names of two members of your family Their relationship


Names of two members of your family Their relationship
Santosh Patil Usha Patil Husband-Wife
Usha Patil Balika Patil Mother-in-law-Daughter-in-law
Swapnil Patil Santosh Patil Son-Father
Swapnil Patil Gaurav Patil Brother-Brother

Question 3: What do your family members call you lovingly? Do you have a pet name? How do you call your family members?

Answer: I am Dhruv Kulkarni. I have a pet name, “Guddu” given by my grandfather. Others in my family lovingly calls me “Babloo”. I call my father Baba, mother Aai, grandfather Ajoba and grandmother Aajji.

Question 4:Look at the picture carefully. Two persons in the picture look a lot like each other. How do you think they are related?

Answer: he young woman and the small girl look a lot like each other, and they are mother and daughter.

Question 5:Is there any similarity between you and any other member of your family—in the way you talk, walk, smile or even in your looks...? With whom and how?

Answer: Yes, there is some similarity between my family members and me.

Me and my brother Both of us look similar.
Me and my mother Both of us have curly hair.

Question 6:Is your family involved in any particular work? If yes, what?

Answer: Yes, my father is a civil engineer, and my mother is a housewife.

Question 7:Do you help the family with the work?

Answer: No, I am still too young to help my father with his work. But I help my parents do the household works like I help my father in gardening and my mother in cleaning the house. I also help my grandparents when required.

Question 8:We learn many things from our family members. You also learnt many things from your family. What and from whom? Has anyone learnt anything from you?

Answer: Being the youngest member of my family, I always learn quite a few things from my family members. My mother has taught me how to clean my room and neatly fold my clothes. My father has taught me how to take care of the garden and look after the plants. My grandmother has taught me how to cut fruits and vegetables. My grandfather has taught me how to fly a kite. My brother has taught me how to play cricket. I am very good at using my father’s smartphone, so I teach and help my grandparents use their smartphones. Sometimes I teach my mother how to use a computer.

Think and Write

Question 1:

  • When I am sad, I go to my _________________.
  • When I want to know about the past, I go to my _____________.
  • When I want to share my secrets, I go to my _________________.
  • When I do something wrong, I go to my _________.


  • When I am sad, I go to my Aai (mother)
  • When I want to know about the past, I go to my Ajoba (grandfather).
  • When I want to share my secrets, I go to my brother
  • When I do something wrong, I go to my Aajji (grandmother) and hide behind her.

Question 2:Are there any particular practices followed by your family? What are those?

Answer: Yes, we follow certain practices as a family. In the morning after taking a bath, my brother and I seek the blessings of our elders by touching their feet. Similarly, my parents, too, seek blessings from our grandparents. Every morning, my grandmother does the daily puja, and we offer our prayers to God

Question 3:Which practices you and your family do to keep your house and the surroundings clean?

Answer: My family and I always take care of our house and our surroundings. We clean and dust the rooms from time to time. We also take care of our garden. My parents always make sure that we do not throw any garbage outside the house. My grandparents say that keeping our house and the surroundings clean will help us lead a healthy life.

Question 4:Does any member of your family have any particular habit like laughing loudly or singing when they are happy? Imitate them.

Answer: Yes, my mother hums while cooking in the kitchen. My grandmother laughs like—kheekheeekheeeeekheeeeeee! My grandfather and father both sing very loudly while taking a bath. My cousin sister sneezes so silently that it looks amusing, and we laugh at her.

Question 5:How do you show respect to elders in your family? Look around to see how others show respect.

Answer: My brother and I seek blessings from our older family members by touching their feet. We always listen very carefully to what our grandparents and parents teach us. Our parents have also taught us that we should fold our hands and greet our relatives when they visit us. I have also seen my father and mother talk politely to their elders and greet them respectfully.

When the Old were Young

Question 1:Ask any older member of your family to tell a funny incident of her or his childhood.

Answer: Ask your parents and grandparents.

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