NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS Chapter 5 Chhotu's House
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EVS Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-5: Chhotu’s House

Class 3 EVS Chapter 5 captures the journey of Chhotu, a boy who has come to Mumbai for the first time and finds shelter in a pipe. The text depicts how Chhotu converts a pipe into his home and invites his friend Monu to stay with him. In NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter 5, the students will learn about—

  • the different parts of a house and ways to keep one’s house clean.
  • the importance of toilets and how to use them through the conversation between Simmi and Billu.
  • decoration of houses during festivals.

The NCERT textbook (Looking Around) questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Chhotu’s House in PDF

Chapter 5: Chhotu’s House

Question 1:What did Chhotu think when he looked at the pipe?


Answer : When Chhotu looked at the pipe, he thought that he could use the pipe as a house to stay away from the wind, dust, cold and rain.

Question 2: How did Chhotu use the pipe?

Answer:Chhotu used the pipe he found as a place to stay, as a home. He dried his wet clothes in the pipe and prepared his food near the pipe.

Question 3: TInto which parts did Chhotu divide the pipe and its surrounding area?

Answer: Chhotu cleverly divided the pipe and its surrounding area into the following segments—
(i) An area inside the pipe to sleep.
(ii) An area to dry his clothes.
(iii) A surrounding area near the pipe to cook his meal.
(iv) An area outside the pipe to take a bath and store water.
(v) A shed beside the pipe to have a chat with his friend.

Question 4:In which part of this house will Chhotu like to spend most of his time?

Answer: Chhotu would like to spend most of his time in the shed beside the pipe where he could chat with his guests and friends.

Question 5:Why do you think Chhotu invited Monu to live with him in the pipe?

Answer: Chhotu thought that, just like him, Monu was also searching for a shelter to stay. So Chhotu invited Monu to stay with him. In this way, both got home to stay in, and enjoy each other’s company.

Question 6:Who all live with you in your house?

Answer: There is my father, my mother, my sister, my grandfather and my grandmother in my family. We all stay together in the same house. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 7:Chhotu divided the pipe into different parts. Write the names of the different parts of your house.

Answer: The different parts of my house are—
(i) Drawing room for watching TV, spending idle time, meeting family members and receiving guests.
(ii) Dining room to have food together.
(iii) Kitchen for making the food.
(iv) Study room for studying.
(v) Bedroom for sleeping.
(vi) Toilet for personal hygiene activities.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 8:How much time in a day do you spend in each part of your house?

Answer: I spend around 17 to 18 hours a day in my house.

Name of the part in the house Time spent per day in hours
Drawing room 2½ hours
Dining room 2 hours
Kitchen 1/2 hour
Study Room 4 hours
Bedroom 8 hours
Toilet 1 hour
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 9:Is there any part of your house where a particular member of your family spends more time?

Answer: My grandmother likes to cook different foods for the family, so she spends more time in the kitchen. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 10:Is there any part of your house where a particular family member never goes or goes for a short time?

Answer: Yes, my sister does not like to do anything related to cooking, so she does not want to spend her time in the kitchen. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 11:Draw pictures of any two animals that live in our house uninvited. Write their names below the pictures.



Question 12:Do you keep your house clean? How?

Answer: Yes, I keep my house clean. I use a mop and broom to clean it. Sometimes I use a dusting cloth to dust the furniture in the house. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 13:Who all help to keep your house clean?

Answer: Both my parents help my sister and me to clean the house. We also have a maid who cleans the house daily. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 14:Where do you go to freshen up in the morning?

Answer: After waking up, I go to the toilet and the bathroom to freshen up.

Question 15:Where do you throw the garbage of your house?

Answer: We throw all the household garbage in a dustbin in our house, which we then dispose of in the garbage container of the locality.

Question 16:Is the area around your house clean?

Answer: Yes, the area around our house is clean because the sweepers, and people in our locality, keep the area clean. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 17:Do you use a toilet in or around your house?

Answer: I use the toilet in my house.

Question 18:Who cleans it?

Answer: Our maid and sometimes either one of my parents cleans it. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 18:How do you help in keeping it clean?

Answer: I flush the toilet after every use.

Use of Toilet

Question 1:Describe the toilet area in your school. Is it clean?

Answer: In my school, there are separate toilets for boys and girls. The teachers also have their separate toilets. All the toilet areas are clean in my school because the sweeper mops it from time to time. They have dustbins and tissue paper rolls in all the toilet areas.

Question 2:Who cleans it and how?

Answer: The sweepers, whom we call safai chacha clean the toilet area regularly. They use water, toilet cleaning liquids, phenyl, detergent, mop and brush to clean the toilet area and keep it hygienic.

Question 3:How do you help in it?

Answer: I flush the toilet after every use. I throw the used tissue paper in the dustbin each time I use it. I do not spill water on the toilet floor unnecessarily. I also ask my friends to do the same.

Question 4:Do you leave the toilet as clean as you want it for yourself?

Answer: Yes, I always take care of it.

Question 5:Enlist the times when you wash hands.

Answer: I wash my hands regularly. My parents have taught me to wash my hands as frequently as possible. I wash my hands with soap and water before and after eating the food, after going to the toilet, after coming back from the playground or the market. I also wash my hands after helping my parents in the garden.

Question 6:When do you think your hands get dirty?

Answer: My hands get dirty after eating the food, after using the washroom, after playing in the garden or the school playground, after touching any dirty object.

Question 7:When all do you need to keep yourself clean?

  • Bathing and brushing teeth
  • Clipping the nails regularly

Answer: We all need to keep ourselves clean when we stay at home, go to school, visit someone or go out to play. We can keep ourselves clean by bathing, brushing our teeth, wearing clean clothes, combing our hair and clipping our nails.

Question 8:What will happen if we do not do the above?

Answer: If we do not follow these good habits, we will fall sick because of the presence of germs in our bodies. It is important to maintain personal hygiene also because nobody likes a person who remains dirty and filthy.

Question 9:Is there any special way you decorate your house? When and how?

Answer: Yes, we occasionally decorate our house during festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Navratri, etc. We clean all the utensils, dust the whole house, paint the walls and use ornamental items to decorate the house. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 10:Name the things with which you decorate your house.

Answer: We decorate our house very creatively for different festivals. We use different coloured lights, lanterns, diyas, colours, flowers to decorate our house, and we make rangolis with a variety of colours. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

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