NCERT Solution Class 3 EVS Chapter 7 Saying Without Speaking
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EVS Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-7: Saying without Speaking

CBSE Class 3 EVS Chapter 7 sensitises kids that not everyone around them is the same. Some have speech and hearing impairments, while some are visually challenged.

  • The chapter introduces this sensitive concept through the game of Dumb Charades, where the players have to silently act out certain situations, i.e., they have to talk through actions.
  • Children need to understand that communicating with differently-abled persons is important because they too can express their emotions by signs and actions.
  • Different emotions experienced by us like sadness, joy, anger, and fear are also mentioned in Class 3 EVS Chapter 7, along with the fact that dance is also a form of expressing our feelings.

The NCERT textbook (Looking Around) questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 7 Saying Without Speaking in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Saying Without Speaking in PDF

Chapter 7:Saying without Speaking

Dumb Charades

Question 1:How did you like this game?

Answer : This game was exciting, and I liked it. It was somewhat difficult to act initially, but then, with practice, it became easy to play.

Question 2: Did you find it difficult to act without speaking?

Answer:In the beginning, it was not easy to act without speaking.

Question 3: Have you ever seen anyone talking through actions?

Answer: Yes, I have seen my friend’s brother talk through actions as he cannot speak.

Question 4:When do people need to talk like this?

Answer: People with speech disabilities and permanent problems in speaking and hearing communicate like this.

The Face is a Mirror

Question 1:Observe children of about six to eight months in your area. How do they express themselves?

Answer: The children of about six to eight months express themselves by their face, hands and feet. As they do not know how to speak, they make funny noises through their mouth. They move their hands and feet to convey something. Sometimes they try to mimic their family members who are very close to them, for example, their mother.

Question 2:You must be wondering what kind of faces these are – they have no eyes, no nose, no mouth. You have to make these, but only after reading what is written alongside.

This is Aftaab. His favourite toy has fallen down and broken. He is sad. How will his face look?

This is Julie. Her little sister was born just yesterday. She is very excited. How will her face look?

This is Yamini’s mother. Today, while Yamini was taking out the bottle of pickle from the kitchen it fell from her hand and broke. Draw the look on her mother’s face.

This is Rehana. She is afraid of dogs. While playing, suddenly a dog came in front of her. How will Rehana’s face look?


Aftab’s face looks dull and sad due to the loss of his favourite toy.

Julie looks very happy and pleased.

Yamini’s mother looks like she is very angry and annoyed.

Rehana looks very surprised and horrified.

Question 3:Look at and do these mudras. Learn some more dance mudras and do them.

1st mudra is called Mukula (bud).
2nd mudra is called Padmakosha (lotus flower).
3rd mudra is called Mrigashirsha (snake).
4th mudra is called Matsya (fish).
Some more dance mudras are—Gayan mudra, Anjali mudra and Akash mudra.

Question 4:Look at these pictures and guess. Make your own story. Tell the story to your friends and discuss.

Answer:There was a joyful Squirrel who lived on a big tree. Whenever she was happy, she liked to dance on the tree trunk. One day she collected some rice, some nuts and some dal and thought to make nice yummy lunch for her friends around the tree. So, she started cooking in a kadhai. After some time, the nice smell of hot food started coming out of the kadhai. The Squirrel became very happy and started dancing and singing. The Squirrel’s friends, Ms. Myna, Mr. Crow, Mr. and Mrs. Rat their family, and the Honeybees also joined the feast. So, it was a very delicious lunch party the Squirrel gave to her friends.
This story teaches us that, we should always be happy with what we do and help our friends

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