NCERT Solution Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 It's Raining
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EVS Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-9: It’s Raining

Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 deals with the significance of water for both animals and plants through the story of Appu, the loveable elephant. The topics mentioned in the chapter are—

  • clouds and rainbows.
  • general idea about rainfall.

NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 also stimulates a child to share their experience during a rainy day and the difficulties they face during the rainy season.

The NCERT textbook (Looking Around) questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 9 It’s Raining in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for It’s Raining in PDF

Chapter 9: It’s Raining

Appu ate bananas

Question 1 : How did Appu know that the banana trees needed water?

Answer : Appu saw the banana trees were bending down because there was no rain for a long time. So, he carried the water from the river and poured it on the banana trees. Then the trees came alive, and this is how Appu came to know that water is necessary for the banana trees.

Question 2 : From where do the plants growing around your house get water?

Answer : The plants around my house get water from rain mostly. But we water the plants which are there in our garden.

Question 3 : Appu drank water from the river till he was happy. Have you seen animals drinking water? Where?

Answer : Yes, whenever we visit our village, I always go to the nearby pond to watch different animals and birds coming for water. I have seen cows, bullocks, dogs, cats, crows, and sparrows drinking water from that pond.

Question 4 : Have you ever given water to any animal? If yes, which animal?

Answer : Yes, I always keep a bowl filled with water for the stray dogs.

Question 5 : Some animals are not given water by anyone. From where do they drink water?

Answer : Some animals do not get water from anybody. They go to the gutters, ponds, puddles and streams to drink water.


Question 1 : The poet saw many things in the clouds. Have you ever seen anything in the clouds? What?

Answer : Yes, I have noticed shapes of a lion, aeroplane, ball, dog, monster etc., in the clouds. These shapes interestingly move fast with wind.

Question 2 : What all do the clouds do?

Answer : Clouds during the rainy season get bigger and bigger and pour water over us. Sometimes they make huge sounds and show flashes of lightning.

Question 3 : Have you ever seen a rainbow? When can you see a rainbow?

Answer : Yes, I have seen the rainbow two-three times. When it stops raining, if there is bright sunlight, we can see a rainbow at a far distance.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 4 : How do you feel when it rains?

Answer : I feel very excited when it starts raining. I eagerly wait for it, and when it starts raining, I feel like rushing outside and getting wet in the rains. I make paper boats and watch them float in the puddles. The weather becomes cold and pleasant. My mother makes hot pakoras in the evening.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 5 : Apart from clouds, what do you see when it rains?

Answer : Apart from clouds, I see lightning and hear the thunder when it rains. I see trees shaking due to the strong winds, and I hear the banging of windows and doors. I see birds and animals looking for cover and people running here and there for shelter.

Question 6 : What happens when it rains?

Answer : When it rains, our surroundings become alive and refreshing. The birds start singing, the frogs start croaking, and the earthworms come out of the soil to breathe. The dry rivers and streams start flowing again, trees and hills become lush green, and the roads get waterlogged.

Question 7 : Have you had any problems during the rains? Have you seen anyone else having any problems due to rains? Draw a picture of your experience in the rain

Answer :

I enjoy playing in the rain, but I have seen in the news that people have lost their homes due to heavy rains. They had to stay without shelter for two days. In the rainy season, my father faces a lot of traffic jam because the vehicles move slowly on the wet roads while returning home.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

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