NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 18 The Naughty Boy
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NCERT Solutions for Class-4 Chapter-18 Poem: The Naughty Boy

The poem is about a naughty boy from England who ran away to Scotland. He wondered about everything that he saw. He saw different things like the Scotland yard was long and lead was heavy.

The NCERT solutions for this chapter helps the child to:

philosophyIdentify the describing words in the word maze & use it in a sentence.

philosophyDescribe the naughtiest child in class.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 18,The Naughty Boy in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for The Naughty Boy in PDF

Chapter 18: The Naughty Boy

Reading is fun

Question 1: From where did the naughty boy come?

Answer : The naughty boy came from England.

Question 2: Where did the naughty boy go?

Answer: The naughty boy went to Scotland.

Question 3: Why did he go there?

Answer: The naughty boy wanted to see Scotland and the people living in Scotland.

Question 4 : What did the boy wonder about?

Answer: The boy was amazed at the hard ground, long yards of Scotland, bright red cherries, and heavy lead.

Let’s listen

Question 1: Listen to these instructions and follow them
(a) naughty walk
(b) naughty walk forward-backward
(c) fall down
(d) do a funny trick
(e) walk-on tiptoes
(f) drag your feet
(g) spin around
(h) jump like a horse
(i) walk in your shoes
(j) shuffle your fee
(Note: Students should attempt the above question on their own.)


Let’s talk

Question 1: What do you think the naughty boy would see in India?

Answer: The naughty boy will see the natural landscapes, their languages, culture, traditions, and classical dances.

Question 2: Have you been to another place recently? What is it like? How is it different from your own place?

Answer: I have been to Delhi recently. There were many cycle rickshaws in the city. I also saw many people rushing to go to various places. I found it to be very crowded in comparison to my place. Near my place, it is very peaceful. There aren’t many vehicles on the road.
(Note: Students should attempt the above question on their own.)

Word building

Question 3: Naughty is a describing word. Can you find more describing words in the maze?




Question 2: Now write these words here –
(a) The peacock is a _____________ bird.
(b) Pinocchio is a _____________ puppet.
(c) I saw an _____________ quarrel.
(d) Morning exercises make you ______________.
(e) A glass of milk makes your teeth ___________.
(f) Rita’s ___________ behaviour annoyed me.
(g) Rahul does not eat green vegetables, therefore his eyesight is _________________.

(a) The peacock is a beautiful bird.
(b) Pinocchio is a naughty puppet.
(c) I saw an ugly quarrel.
(d) Morning exercises make you healthy.
(e) A glass of milk makes your teeth strong.
(f) Rita’s rude behaviour annoyed me.
(g) Rahul does not eat green vegetables, therefore his eyesight is weak.

Let’s write

Question 1: Can you write six things that are made of wood?
______ _______ ______
______ _______ ______


table shoe rack bench
chair bat pencil

Question 2: Look at the words given below and put them under the things that they are made of –

balloon chair table eraser shirt
pencil toys car trousers knife
scissors cap

metal wood rubber cloth
------- ------- ------- -------
------- ------- ------- -------
------- ------- ------- -------


metal wood rubber cloth
scissors pencil eraser cap
knife chair balloon shirt
car table toys trousers

Question 3: Who do you think is the naughtiest child in your class? Describe her/him in five lines.

Anil is the naughtiest boy in our class. He always plays mischievous games and pranks in class. He disturbs all in class. He beats up his classmates too. He is completely different when there is a class teacher around.

Fun time

Question 1: Let’s make a mosaic hat for your clown You need
• Mirrors/beads of different size and shapes
• Fevicol/glue/gum
• A piece of cardboard
• Sketch pens
• Take a piece of old cardboard
• Draw a colourful pattern on it
• Take glue/gum and apply it on the surface and stick beads/mirrors/ pulses on it
• Fold it into a cone
• Your lovely Mosaic Hat is now ready.
• Put it on your clown.
(Note: Students should attempt the above activity on their own.)

Question 2: Which country does your clown belong to? Now complete the table below –

Nation Nationality
India Indian
Australia ________
France ________
Japan ________
Scotland ________


Nation Nationality
India Indian
Australia Australian
France French
Japan Japanese
Scotland Scottish

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