NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 5 Run!
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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter-5 Poem: Run

The poem written by Mary Daunt ‘Run’ urges the reader to run in the rain and beneath the trees. To explore nature at a hillside, one should run through the meadow and up the lane.

The NCERT solutions for this chapter helps the child to:

philosophyUse vowels to complete words.

philosophyComplete sentences pertaining to a picture composition.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 5, The poem Run in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for The poem Run in PDF

Chapter 5: Run!

Reading is Fun

Question 1: What does the poem tell us to do?

Answer : The poet tells us to run throughout the day away from the city.

Question 2: Write about the places where the poet wants us to run.

Answer : The poet wants the readers to run towards the meadows, countryside, down the hillside, and up the street.

Let’s talk

Question 1: Do you like to run and play? Why?

Answer : Yes, as both these activities make me happy.

Question 2: Running is a very good exercise name any three games you play in which you have to run.

Answer : The games I play that requires me to run are Kho – Kho, kabaddi, football and cricket.

Question 3: When you run fast, what do you feel is happening to your body?

Answer : When I run fast, I can feel my heartbeat louder, and my whole body gets warm & I start to sweat.

Let’s spell

Question 1 : Some letters are missing in each word. Write ee or ea on each word.

T r _ _ s       s l _ _ p
Pl_ _ s e       b_ _ p
T _ _ s e       f _ _ t
T _ _ c h       m _ _ t

Answer :

T r e e s       s l e e p
P l e a s e       b e e p
T e a s e       f e e t
T e a c h       m e e t

Question 2 : Now add more words with ee or ea and put them inside the bubbles.

Now add more words with ee or ea and put on the bubbles.

Answer :

Let’s write

1. Answer the questions by looking at the picture on the opposite page.
Example: What is happening in picture 5?
The girl is diving into the water.

Question 1(i) :
What is Mohan practicing in picture 4?

Answer :
He is practicing the high jump.

Question 1(ii) :
What are Anil and his friends pulling in picture 3?

Answer :
They are pulling a rope.

Question 1(iii) :
Where are the boats racing in picture 2?

Answer :
They are racing in a river.

Question 1(iv) :
What are the boys doing in picture 1.

Answer :
They are running a race.

Question 1(v) :
What are the girls doing in picture 6?

Answer :
They are practising swimming.

Question 2 : Now make one more question for each picture. Write the question in the space below each picture. Use how many, what are, where are/is, how, why, to make questions.

Answer :

How many boys are playing together?
What are the boys doing?
What are they pulling?
What is Mohan doing?
Where is the girl going to jump into?
What are they doing?

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