NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 6 Nasruddin’s Aim
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NCERT Solutions for Class-4 Chapter-6 Story: Nasruddin’s Aim

This story explores the nature of Nasruddin, who boasted about his skill in archery. When confronted by his friends, he chose to give witty explanations as he missed the target. He boasted about his aim when he hit the right target accidentally.

The NCERT solutions for this chapter helps the child to:

philosophyDescribe the correct meaning of the word.

philosophyUse antonyms correctly.

philosophyWrite a description of a boy using the given clues.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 6, Nasruddin’s Aim in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Nasruddin’s Aim in PDF

Chapter 6: Nasruddin’s Aim

Reading is Fun

Question 1: What did Nasruddin boast about?

Answer : Nasruddin boasted about his skill in archery.

Question 2: Why did Nasruddin take someone else’s name each time he missed the target?

Answer : Nasruddin didn’t want failure, so he defended himself by taking someone’s name.

Question 3: Why did Nasruddin say, “It was my aim,” the third time?

Answer : Luckily Nasruddin hit on the right target, so he said that it was his aim the third time.

Question 4: Do you think Nasruddin was good at archery?

Answer : No, he was not good at archery. He just boasted about it in front of his family.

Word building

Question 1: Shoot the arrow and hit the target by matching the words with their correct meaning.

Answer :

Question 2: Replace the bold word/words with a word from the quiver and rewrite the sentence-

• In no time she hit the object she aimed at.
• Nasruddin was surely not a good archer.
• The teacher said something about his good handwriting. He felt very happy.

Answer :

• In no time she hit the target.
• Nasruddin was certainly not a good archer.
• The teacher remarked on his good handwriting. he felt very happy.

Let’s write

Question 1: This is a picture of Rahul Gupta. Using the clues given, write a paragraph about him in your notebook. ______________

Indian, cricket, eight hours, practices, eats healthy food, runs two kilometers every day, batsman

Answer :

Rahul dreams to be an Indian cricketer when he grows up. He always eats healthy food so that he has enough energy. He always practices running for at least 2 hours a day. Every evening, he plays cricket with his friends. His friends call him the best batsman of the team.

Question 3 :
This is Rajeev’s family; they are a healthy family see what does each one does to stay healthy.
Use the words ‘and’ or ‘but’ and make as many sentences as you can about Rajiv’s family.
Example: Grandpa and Grandma get up early in the morning. Grandpa is walking but Rajiv is jogging.

Answer :
• Rajiv’s father lifts weight, and his mother regularly practices yoga.
• Rahul is jogging, and Sita is skipping.
• Grandpa wakes up early to go on long walks, but Grandma drinks hot water every morning. This habit helps her to stay healthy.

Let’s play

Question :
1. Fill in the grid with the words given below. You can use one word more than once.

stick, bat/ball, eleven, table, racket, ball,
stadium, football, two to four, ground

Answer :

Name of the gameWhat you play withWhere you play itNumber of players
table tennisracketstadiumtwo to four

Question 2 :
Using the information in the grid, write a sentence about each game.
One has been done for you.
(a) Cricket is an outdoor game.
We play it with a bat and a ball.
There are eleven players in this game.

Answer :
b) Hockey is an outdoor game. It is played with a stick. It is always played on the ground.
c) Table tennis is an indoor game, and it is played with a racket and ball. There can be four players in this game.
d) Football has two teams. It is an outdoor game with eleven players.

Question 3 :
The following words are used in various sports. List them under the sport that they are used in.
(a) googly (b) goal (c) LBW (d) penalty (e) free-kick (f) penalty corner
Some words may be used in more than one game.

Answer :

1. Goal1. Googly1. Goal
2. Penalty corner2. LBW2. Penalty
3. Free-kick

Team –time

Question :
A puppet head
Write two sentences on your puppet.

Answer :
My puppet is a colourful doll. She wears a white and green colour dress, and she also has a hat.(Note: You can write your own sentences for the above question.)

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