NCERT Solution Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 Food and Fun
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NCERT EVS Class 4 Chapter 21 – Food and Fun

Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 further extends the concept of eating together with a special focus on boarding school and the langar in a Gurudwara. The chapter presents two very different scenarios where people eat together. One is the boarding school where the students, teachers, and office staff have their meals together. The other is the langar, where food is prepared for hundreds of devotees visiting the Gurudwara. NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 explains making the food together for everybody..

The NCERT textbook (Looking Around) questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Chapter 21: Food and Fun

Question 1:Do you study in a boarding school?

Answer : No, I do not study in a boarding school. [Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

If you do not, try to talk with someone who goes to a boarding school and find out –

Question 2:In what ways is boarding school different from other schools?

Answer : The basic difference between a boarding school and other schools is that students studying in boarding schools do not return home every day. They stay on the school premises in hostels and return home during vacations.

Question 3:What kind of food do they get there?

Answer : Students get all types of nutritious foods in boarding schools like eggs, fruits, milk and various meals.

Question 4:Where do the children sit and eat in the boarding school?

Answer : All the students sit and eat together in a big dining hall in boarding school.

Question 5:Who cooks food for the children in the boarding school? Who serves the food?

Answer : In boarding school, there are cooks who prepare food for the students in the kitchen, and other kitchen staff and helpers serve food to the students.

Question 6:Who washes the vessels?

Answer : The cleaning staff wash the vessels.

Question 7:Do the children miss home-made food sometimes?

Answer : I think everyone misses home-made food when they are away from home.

Question 8:Would you like to go to a boarding school? Why?

INo, I would not like to go to a boarding school because I cannot stay away from my family for such a long time, and I would also miss home-made food.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 1:The ‘cooking and eating together’ in a Gurudwara is called langar. Have you ever eaten in a langar? Where and when?

Answer : Last year, on Guru Nanak Jayanti, I went to the Gurudwara and ate in a langar. They served us chapati, daal, mixed vegetables and halwa.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 2:How many people were cooking and how many were serving the food there?

Answer : Around 50 people were cooking the food, and 20 volunteers were serving that food to the devotees.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 3:Are there other occasions when you have eaten with many people? Where and when? Who cooked and served the food there?

Answer : Yes, at my uncle’s wedding reception, I dined with a large group of people who were my friends and relatives. A catering service provider was hired who had their cooks and helpers. They cooked and served the food to the guests.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

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