NCERT Math Magic Solutions class 4 Chapter 5 The Way The World Looks
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Math-Magic Solutions for Class-4, Chapter-5:The Way The World Looks

The Way the World Looks deals with the concept of different views of 3-D shapes. This chapter has exercises on side view, top view, front view of 3-D shapes. Nets of cube and cuboid. Map

The solutions for Math-Magic Chapter-5 have been created and verified by our experienced subject matter experts, according to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines of NCERT.For practice, our subject matter experts have created very interactive, activity-based, and Image-based worksheets on these topics to enhance learning.

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Question and Answers

Chapter 5:The Way The World Looks

Question 1 : Draw how the fan looks from below.

Answer : The look of the fan from below is:

Question 2 : Can you think why Gappu could see the cheese on the jug but Chinky could not?

Answer : Gappu was seeing the picture from above so he could easily see the cheese that was kept on the top of the jug but Chinky was on the floor so she could not see the top view of the jug.

Question 3 : When I ran around in my house, it looked so big! But from here, it looks small. How is that?

Answer : The object looked smaller when viewed from distance. Gappu was seeing from the top so it was looking smaller.

Question 4 : Imagine how your classroom looks from above. Try to draw it and mark the benches, blackboard, doors, windows, etc.

Answer : Imagine the top view of your classroom. Answers can vary. A sample image for the top view of a classroom with marked benches, blackboard, doors, and windows is shown below.

Question 5 : Look at this picture and discuss why things look wide and big at this end but narrow and small at the other end.

Answer : In the first picture the railway track is wider on one end and narrow on the other end whereas in the second picture the rows of the candles are wider on one end and narrower on the other end. It is because the distance between tacks and candles gets smaller for distant view. Objects look smaller when viewed from distance.

Question 6 : Match two views of the same pose. This is a top view of a girl in a yoga pose.

Only one of the photos below is the correct match of the same yoga pose. Mark it.

Answer : The picture of the top view of a girl in a yoga pose shows that the girl is stretching the right arm. Among the given photos the first one matches the top view. Therefore, the correct answer is:

Question 7 : These are two different views of the same bowls.

In which photo are the bowls upside down? Look at the side view in the photo 3 to find the answer.

Answer : Observe all the given pictures to check which picture shows that the bowls are upside down. The correct answer is:

Question 8 : Draw lines to match the side view with the top view of
- A pipe
- A funnel

Answer : Observe the given pictures and match the side view with the top view of a pipe and a funnel respectively. The correct answer is:

A pipe:

A funnel:

Question 9 : Try to draw picture of a shoe from the side, top, front, etc.

Answer : Draw by yourself. Answers may vary. The picture of a shoe from different sides are shown:

Top View

Side View

Front View

Question 10 : Here is a bigger picture of that park. Look at it carefully and answer the questions.
a) Mark the gate nearest to the sweet shop. A / B / C / D
b) Which gate is nearest to Gappu’s house?
c) If you enter from gate B, the green bench will be to your- Left / Right / Front.
d) When Suhasini entered the park, the flower bed was to her right. Which gate did she enter from?
e) Which of these is nearest to you if you enter from gate C?
i) Basketball court
ii) Flower bed
iii) Green bench
iv) See-saw

Answer :
a) Observe the sweet shop and the gates in the given picture, the gate nearest to the sweet shop is A.
b) The gate nearest to Gappu’s house is C.
c) Observe gate B in the picture, if we enter from gate B, the green bench will be to our left.
d) Observe flowerbeds and the gates in the picture. If the flower bed was to her right, she must have entered the park from gate D.
e) Observe the picture, the see-saw is nearest to the gate C. Therefore, the option iv) is the correct answer.

Question 11: On the phone Ismail told Srijata the route to his house from her house. The route map is shown here.
Did Ismail go wrong somewhere? Can you correct him?

Answer : Yes, Ismail was wrong when he asked Srijata to take a right turn after crossing the bridge. The correct route is:
From her house, she should reach the milk-booth and then take a left turn. From the second crossing she should take a right turn and go over the bridge and then go straight and take the first left turn. After about 100 metres she would see a big park. After crossing the park there will be side lane. The first house in that lane is Ismail’s house.

Question 12: Show where Srijata will reach if she takes the route he told her.

Answer : TIf Srijata takes the route told by him then she would reach opposite to Ismail’s house.

Question 13: Write the directions for going from Ismail’s house to Srijata’s house.

Answer : The directions for going from Ismail’s house to Srijata’s house are: From Ismail’s house go straight and then take the first right turn. From the second crossing take a left turn. After reaching the milk-booth take a right turn. After about 100 metres is Srijata’s house.

Question 14: Gibli was confused. What was this box? She climbed on a cup and tried to see from there. The box looked like this.
Can you guess what that box-like thing was?

Answer : The box-like thing was a dice. A dice is a cube shaped object which has numbers from 1 to 6 written on its faces.

Question 15: Which number was on the opposite side of 5?

Answer : The sum of the number to the opposite side is 7. Subtract 5 from 7 to get the number on the opposite side of 5.
7 – 5 = 2
Therefore, the number on the opposite side of 5 is 2.

Question 16: In the picture, which number will be at the bottom?

Answer : It is observed from the given picture that the number on the top is 1. Subtract 1 from 7 to get the number on the bottom.
7 – 1 = 6
Therefore, the number at the bottom is 6.

Question 17: Which number will Gibli see if she again turns left from 5?

Answer : The picture shows that the number in front of the dice is 4. Subtract 4 from 7 to get the number on the back side of the dice.
7 – 4 = 3
The number on the left from 5 is same as the number of the back side. Therefore, if she turns left from 5 then she will see 3..

Question 18: What will this box look like if you opened it up? Mark the correct picture.

Answer : The option A is the correct answer.

Question 19: Draw a shape like this on a thick paper. Cut it out and colour the different faces in different colours.

Answer : Take a piece of thick paper and draw a similar shape on the paper. Cut it and use different colours to colour each of the six faces.

Question 20: Can you use this box to play a game?

Answer : Yes, the dice is used to play board games such as Ludo.

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