Rip Van Winkle Story: NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 10
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Rip Van Winkle Story: NCERT Solutions for Class 5, Chapter 10

The story is an adaptation taken from ‘The legend of Rip Van Winkle’ by Washington Irving. Rip Van Winkle is a simple good-natured man who helps everyone, but his only flaw is that he was lazy. He would skip work and go into the forest. One day, he had gone to the forest and mysteriously ended up sleeping for 20 years. On his return to the village, he learns about the various changes that took place in the village.

In the lesson, grade 5 students are given the chance to:

philosophyDescribe the changes that happened in 20 years based on inferences from the text.

philosophyInfer the character traits from the text.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 10-Rip Van Winkle in the PDF format for free.

Download the Ncert Solutions for Rip Van Winkle in PDF

Chapter 10: Rip Van Winkle

Fun with New Words

Question 1: Circle the correct meaning of the words given. You may need to use the dictionary.

idled awaywastedrestedadmired
realiseto understandto set freereal
descendto not sendto be decentto move down
barrela wooden containera musical instrumenta bag
contentsto be happythe ingredientsthe index of a book

Answer :

Question 2: Match the words in the box with their meaning. You may take the help of a dictionary.

grizzled astonished foothills
stroked familiar
near the lower part of a mountain ______
with grey hair ______
to rub gently ______
to be very surprised ______
known to you ______

Answer :
near the lower part of a mountain foothills
with grey hair grizzled
to rub gently stroked
to be very surprised astonished
known to you familiar

Let’s Read

Say whether the following sentences are True or False

Question 1(i): Rip was kind to children.

Answer : True

Question 1(ii): Rip was a hardworking man.

Answer : False

Question 1(iii): The short old man on the mountain was his constant companion.

Answer : False

Question 1(iv): Rip helped the old man in the mountains because he wanted to have a drink from the barrel.

Answer : False

Question 1(v): Rip was away for twenty years because he was asleep in the mountains.

Answer : True

Question 1(vi): The drink from the barrel made him fall asleep for twenty years.

Answer : True

Question 1(vii): Nobody recognized Rip when he came back because he had reached the wrong village.

Answer : False

Complete the following sentences.

Question 2(i): Rip’s village was situated______.

Answer : Rip’s village was situated at the foothills of Kaatskill mountains.

Question 2(ii): The children of the village loved him because ____________.

Answer : The children of the village loved him because he played with them and taught them how to fly kites and shoot marbles and also told them stories.

Question 2(iii): _______________ was his constant companion.

Answer : Wolf, the dog was his constant companion.

Question 2(iv): The villagers stared at him because ________________.

Answer : The villagers stared at him because they could not recognize him.

Question 2(v): The old woman who recognized Rip was ______________.

Answer : The old woman who recognized Rip was probably his neighbour.

Let’s Write

Question: What were the strange things about the men on the mountains?

Answer :
(i) They all looked strange.
(ii) They had beards of various shapes and colours.
(iii) They were playing a game with a serious face.
(iv) They all stared at Rip this frightened him.

Question 2: What kind of a man was Rip Van Winkle?

Answer :
(i) He was a kind and good-natured neighbour.
(ii) He loved children.
(iii) He was liked by all.
(iv) He was very lazy.

Vocabulary Building

Question 1: Pick out the names of the games mentioned in the story.

flying kites
shooting marbles

Answer :
The following games were mentioned in the story:
Flying kites, shooting marbles, ninepins, and mountain climbing.

Question 2: Sometimes we combine two words to make a describing word. For example, Rip was a good-natured man, everybody liked him. Here are some more describing words. Use them to complete the given paragraph.

long-sleeved high-heeled well-dressed open-mouthed
sweet-looking odd-looking part-time
Mrs. Das has a _________ job in a clothes shop. Yesterday, an _______ woman walked into the shop. She was wearing _______ shoes. A _____ dog was with her. “I want a _________ shirt for my dog, please.” She said, “For your dog?” asked Mrs. Das, _______ in surprise. “Yes,” replied the woman. “I want him to be ________ for my next party.”

Answer : Mrs. Das has a part-time job in a clothes shop. Yesterday, an odd-looking woman walked into the shop. She was wearing high-heeled shoes. A sweet-looking dog was with her. “I want a long-sleeved shirt for my dog, please.” She said, “For your dog?” asked Mrs. Das, open-mouthed in surprise. “Yes,” replied the woman. “I want him to be well-dressed for my next party.”

Question 3: a) Silent Letters
What is common in the following groups of words?
i. knee, knife, knot, know __________
ii. neighbour, daughter, fight, straight __________
iii. neighbour, daughter, fight, straight __________

Answer :
i. knee, knife, knot, know The letter ‘k’ is silent.
ii. neighbour, daughter, fight, straight The letter ‘gh’ is silent.
iii. honest, honour, hour, heir The letter ‘h’ is silent.

Question 3 : b) Try to make more silent words.
(i) gnat: _____, ______

Answer :
gnash, gnaw

(ii) tongue: ____, ____

Answer : catalogue, rogue.

(iii) chalk: ____, _____

Answer : folk, walk.

(iv) whistle: ____, _____

Answer : bustle, jostle.

Question 4: Read the two paragraphs given below.
My mother is always awake before anyone else in the family. I usually wake up after 6 o’clock. I loll around lazily for a few minutes. Then I get up and get dressed for school. At bedtime, I read a storybook. When I feel tired I lie down and go to sleep very quickly. I fall asleep in no time at all!

(i) Now find the opposites of the following words from the paragraphs and complete the table.
awake asleep
wake up ________
get up ______
lazily _______

Answer :
awake asleep
wake up fall asleep
get up lie down
lazily quickly

Fill in the blanks using the words in the previous questions

Question 4(ii):(a) _____ and ____ quickly! You will be late for school.

Answer :
Wake up and get up quickly! You will be late for school.

Question 4(ii) : (b) Shh! The baby is _____. Don’t make a sound, or she will _____.

Answer : Shh! The baby is asleep. Don’t make a sound, or she will wake up.

Question 1 : Lots of things must have happened in the village when Rip was away. Imagine you are a neighbour who greets Rip after 20 years. One student should act as Rip. Tell Rip all that happened in the village after he left.
(Talk about what happened to this family; to his friends, to the other villagers, to the children he played with, the changes in the village, etc. Your teacher will guide you.)
You may start this way: Guess what happened on the day you left. When you didn’t come home in the evening, your wife…

Answer :
It’s been a long time since you had left, Rip. Everything has changed. Your wife kept waiting for you, and finally after a year or so, she left along with your children to stay with her parents. Your son has grown up now, and he teaches in the village school. The village now has more shops, a couple of markets, and two new hospitals where doctors visit for treatment of local villagers. Your friends, Tom and Sam, are settled in the city and pay a visit once a year with their family, they will be delighted to see you back on their next visit. All the children you used to play with have completed their education at the local school. They will be very happy to see you.

Question 2: Read the speech bubbles. Who walks to school most often? Put them in order.

Put them in order.

Answer :
1. Arjun- I always walk to school. I live right opposite the school.
2. Nazim- I usually walk to school. It's a nice way to start the day.
3. Mini- I sometimes walk to school, at times I take the bus also.
4. Anu -I don't usually walk to school. I often go by cycle.
5. John- I walk to school. I live very far away.

Creative Writing

Question 1:Write about yourself using the following expressions (do you play in the park, go to bed late, fuss over food, study hard, etc.?)

For example: I always do my work neatly.
(i) _______________________
(ii) ______________________
(iii) _____________________
(iv) ______________________
(v) ______________________

Answer :
(i) I always study hard.
(ii) I frequently do household chores.
(iii) I usually play in the park.
(iv) I sometimes fuss over food
(v) I rarely go to bed on time

Question 2 : Use the following clues to complete the following exercise.

(i) Write three new things you have done in the last three years.
(a) I have started _________________
(b) ____________________
(c) ____________________

(ii) Write three things you have not done in the last three years. (a) I have not played ___________________
(b) ________________
(c) ________________

Answer :

(i) (a) I have started learning French.
(b) I have visited Banaras.
(c) I have started writing a diary.

(ii) (a) I have not played football since I left the team.
(b) I have not eaten junk food.
(c) I have not met any celebrities.

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