NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 11 Class Discussion
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Chapter 11: Class Discussion

The lesson is a teacher's conversation with a student, Jane, asking her the reason for her to be quiet. To which Jane responds that she wants to stay quiet.

The NCERT solutions for this poem helps the child to:

philosophywrite a notice.

philosophywrite a discussion.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Chapter 11: Class Discussion

Let’s Read

Question 1: What activity was going on in the class?

Answer : A class discussion was going on in the class.

Question 2: Who was the quiet one in the class?

Answer : Jane was the quiet one in the class.

Question 3: Why was she quiet?
(i) She was afraid to air her opinions.
(ii) She hated the noise.
(iii) She didn’t like the activity.
(iv) She was quiet by nature.

Answer :
(iv) She was quiet by nature.

Question 4: How do you interact in class during discussions? Do you participate or remain quiet?

Answer : I always participate actively in discussions. I speak up every time the teacher asks for answers.

Think and Write

Question 5: Choose two friends in your class who are very different from each other. Use the clues in the box to describe their nature. You may also add your own words to describe them.


Answer :
Rakesh and Satvik have been my classmates since the first standard. Though they are very good friends of mine, there are several differences in their nature. Rakesh is quite in nature. He is very studious and always known for his excellent performance in the class. On the other hand, Satvik is very careless yet lively in nature and is known to be helpful to anybody in need. Rakesh is a regular student who never misses his class and is very disciplined in nature. Satvik, on the other hand, is very cheerful and friendly in nature. He is so naughty that everybody needs to be alert lest he may play some prank on them.

Let’s Talk

Question 1: What is a Discussion?
Note the points you might discuss before planning a visit to the park.
(i) Choose a day and time.
(ii) What things to bring to play?
(iii) Assign duties.
(iv) Things to eat.

Answer :
Teacher: Students, I am planning to take you to Sanjay Gandhi national park for a field visit. What do you think about it?
Sachin: Ma’am, I love the idea! When are we going?
Teacher: We will be visiting the park on the 29th of January at 7 am. You will need to carry your water bottle and we could also carry games with us as we will have time to play at the park. You will need to register your name if you want to visit the park. Who will write down the names? Veena: Ma’am, if you would allow me, I shall take up the registration of names.
Teacher: Okay Veena, you can make note of all the students who are willing to join the tour. We will also need someone to take care of collecting the entry fees and recording it. The class monitor can take this task, can’t you?
Ravi: Yes! I can surely do this. We will also ned to make arrangement for snacks. I know someone who can take care of it. Let me find out about it.
Teacher: That’s a great idea Ravi! It’s good to know that you all are eager to visit the park. I hope all of you will come to learn and enjoy at the park.
(Note: The above answer is a sample answer. You should attempt the answer on your own.)

Question 2: Fill in the grid given below by assigning qualities to each
person. Some clues are given here to help you.
- Sangeeta lends her pencil to her partner.
- Nirav is also called a chatterbox.
- Pranav recently saved a cat from drowning - in the lake.
- Megha is just the opposite of Nirav.
- Mithila always teases everyone.
- Ritu is always seen with a book in hand.


Answer :


Question 6 : Find one story of bravery about a child. You can search for the story by talking to older people or watching a TV programme or from a film. Write down the story. Also mention its source. Narrate the story to the class. Which story did you like the best? Write down your reasons.

Answer :

Bhimsen, The Hero

Source:- Dainik Bhaskar

Bhimsen, a resident of Kala Manjha village of UP had received the national bravery award for his extraordinary show of courage. Bhimsen was just 12 years old when he became the local hero of his village. On 16th November 2014, a boat packed with 34 people was sailing on the Saryu river when suddenly the boat hit a rock and toppled over and all the passengers fell into the river and were drowning fast. Bhimsen also known as Sonu was by the river fishing when he saw the incident. He was quick to react and call for help. He then dove in the river and saved the life of 14 people without caring for his own life.

Bhimsen belongs to a poor family and arranging for meal twice a day had been a challenge for his father Rajman. However, his father had been very happy for this announcement of reward. The award was presented to him on 26th January by the Prime Minister.

I like this story of the of Bhimsen as he bravery saved many lives and I hope I could be able to do the same someday.

(Note: The above answer is a sample answer. You should attempt the answer on your own.)

Write a Notice

Question 1 : Read Sheela’s notice. Discuss the questions that follows:
(a) Who was to meet?
(b) When were they to meet?
(c) Where were they to meet?
(d) What were they to do?

Answer :
a) The Drama Committee was to meet.
b) They were to meet on Monday at 2’o clock.
c) They were to meet in the classroom.
d) They were to plan a play for their Annual Day.

Question 2 : Write a notice about a library committee or a football match.

Answer :


There will be a football match on Saturday at 12 PM held at the school ground. This match will bring forward fresh talents for selection in the inter-school tournament to be held in the winter. Those who are interested should submit their names to Rakesh Sir, physical training instructor, by 22nd October, 5PM.
(Note: The above answer is a sample answer. You should attempt the answer on your own.)

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