NCERT Solution Class 5|English|Chapter 17 Sing a Song of the People
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Chapter 17 Poem: Sing a Song of People

The poem is about the hustle and bustle of city life. The poet sings a song of people who are busy walking fast or slow. He speaks of people on the subway, people riding taxis, and people with umbrellas. The poet sings of people that he observes in the city but will never know.

The NCERT solutions for this poem help the child to:

philosophyMake inferences about the poem.

philosophyMake a comparison between city life and village life.

philosophyWrite a report.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Chapter 17: Sing a Song of People

Reading is fun

Question 1: Which modes of transport do the people use to move around in the city?

Answer : People use buses and taxis to move around in the city.

Question 2: What are the things that the people carry with them, while moving around?

Answer : People usually carry their hats and umbrellas with them while moving around.

Question 3: Where all do you find these very busy people?

Answer : We find these very busy people in tall buildings. We can also find them in stores and elevators.

Question 4: Where have you seen crowds of people?

Answer : I have seen crowds of people in malls, megastores, railway stations, supermarkets, bus stands, etc.

Question 5: Why do you think all these people are in a hurry?

Answer : These people are in a hurry because they all have to reach their destinations or complete certain tasks on time.

Language Use

Question 1: Let’s write the opposites of the following words.

slow _______up _______
back _______tall _______
below _______croud _______
loud _______go _______

Answer :

slow fastup down
back forwardtall short
below abovecroud individual
loud silentgo come

Let's Listen

Question 1 : Read and listen to these two poems with your partner and find out what are the things that the village child and the city child like.

The Village ChildThe City Child
My home is a house
Near a wood
I'd live in a street
If I could!
I do wish someone
Lived near.
There's no one to play with
At all.
The trees are so high
And so tall:
And I should be lonely
For hours,
Were it not for the birds
And the flowers.
I live in a city
In a street;
It is crowded with traffic
And feet;
There are buses and motors
And trams.
I wish there were meadows
And lambs.
The houses all wait
In a row
There is smoke everywhere
That I go.
I don't like the noises
I hear
I wish there were woods
Very near.

Answer :
The village child would like to live on the street. He wishes that somebody would stay beside his house, somebody with whom he can play. He feels lonely since there is nobody other than the birds and flowers.
The child living in the city wished to live amidst meadows and lambs. He wishes to live somewhere not crowded with houses, not covered with smoke but a place where there is some open air to breathe. He would like to live somewhere close to the forest, away from the noise of the city.

Let’s talk

Question 1 : The people who live in cities often wish they could live in quiet towns. Do you like the place you live in?
Tell your partner two things you like and don’t like about the place you live in.

Answer :
Yes, I like the place I live in.
The two things that I like about my place are:
1. This area is very neat and clean. Everything near my place is well maintained and organized.
2. All the necessary things like shops, vegetable and fruit vendors are found nearby.
The two things that I don’t like about my place are:
1. There is no big playground nearby.
2. It’s a bit noisy in the heart of the city.

Let’s write

Question 1 : Did you observe that in the poem, the last words in every second and fourth line rhyme with each other? Can you write a four line poem?

Answer :

About Me!
Though it isn’t right within the city
I like the place where I stay
I am happy with what I have
Because there is a big ground to play

Question 2 : Find out how many people are there in our country. Do we have enough land for all people on this earth? Is there enough food and water for all people?

Answer : The population of India is 1.38 billion.
No, there is not enough land for all people on this earth, especially when taking into consideration the rate of increase in population.
No, there is not enough food and water for all people.

Question 3 : Find out the following from ten families living in your neighbourhood.
*F = Family

*F =Family
(i) How many members are educated in each family?
(ii) From amongst the ten families, how many are educated?
Now talk to your partner and then write a report about your neighbourhood.

Answer :

(i) Below the information of the number of members educated in each family is provided:
An average of 2-4 members are educated in all ten families.
(ii) Amongst the ten families, all families are educated.
(iii) There is a total of 62 members, of which five children are below 5 years of age, and 12 children range between 5-14 years. There are 16 grown-up children from the age group of 15-20 years. There are 17 elders from the age group of 21-50 years. 12 members from the ten families are old people who are above 50 years.
(Note: Activity to be done on your own.)

Let's Interview

Question 1 : Interview your teacher and get her responses for the following questions.
(i) Why did you become a teacher?
(ii) How do you come to school everyday?
(iii) Do you have any pets?
(iv) What kinds of books do you like to read?
(v) What are your hobbies?

Answer :
(i) I became a teacher because I was interested in teaching.
(ii)I drive my car to school every day.
(iii) No, I don’t have any pets. Soon, I will adopt a dog and call him ‘Jimmy’.
(iv) I like to read genres pertaining to mystery and thriller.
(v)I enjoy cooking and crocheting as a hobby.
(Note: Activity to be done on your own.)

Question 2 : Now write a paragraph about your teacher with the information you have gathered.

My Teacher
My teacher says she became a teacher because____________________

Answer :

My Teacher

My teacher says she became a teacher because she was interested in teaching students. She travels to school in her car, which she drives every day. She doesn’t have any pets, but she will soon adopt a pet and call him Jimmy.
My teacher likes to read books of specific genres such as mystery and thriller novels. Additionally, she enjoys crocheting and cooking as a hobby.
(Note: Activity to be done on your own.)

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