Solution for NCERT Class 5 English Chapter 18 Around the world
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Chapter 18 Story: Around the World

The story depicts some of the incidents Mr. Phileas Fogg experiences travelling the world in 80 days. The story describes the journey starting from San Francisco to New York. It vividly describes the landscapes visible from the train. The challenges the driver and passengers face while making this long voyage are filled with danger and thrill.

The NCERT solutions for this poem help the child to:

philosophyIdentify adjectives used in the text.

philosophyWrite a composition on your conduct at a railway station.

philosophyIdentify details on the map.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download Chapter 18- Around the World in the PDF format for free.

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Chapter 18: Around the World

Reading is fun

Question 1: Which tribe of Red Indians attacked the travellers?

Answer : Seoux Indians, which is a tribe of native Red Indians, attacked the travellers.

Question 2: Which was the highest point of their journey?

Answer : The highest point of their journey was 7524 ft. in the Rocky Mountains.

Question 3: Why did the train stop the first time?

Answer : The train stopped the first time because a herd of buffaloes were crossing the railway track.

Question 4: How many days would it take for the train to reach New York?

Answer : It would take seven days for the train to reach New York from San Fransisco.

Question 5: Tick the correct answer.
(i) The first time the train stopped was because
(a) some robbers stopped the train.
(b) a herd of buffaloes was passing.
(c) the tracks were broken.

(ii) The bridge fell with a crash into the river
(a) after the train had passed through
(b) the train was still on the bridge.
(c) before the train passed over the bridge.

Answer :
(i) (b) a herd of buffaloes was passing ✔
(ii) (a) after the train had passed through. ✔

Question 6 : Match the following words with their meanings. You can take the help of a dictionary.

haltedpeople travelling in buses, trains, etc.
shudderedmany times
several occasionstrembled or shook violently
interruptionbreak the continuity of
entirelyprotected from attack

Answer :

Word Building

Question 1: Read the following sentences
• The train steamed forward at full speed.
• The train headed for the steep mountains.
Find five more such words from the lesson


Answer :

passed shudderedreversedmovedattacked

Question 2 : From the text find three more describing words like the ones given below in the example.
Steep mountain slopes __________
Deep canyons _________

Answer :
Some describing words from the text are as follows:
raging waters, racing train, winding roads, shrill whistle.

Question 3 : Find the opposites of the following words from the text.
(i) Minimum speed __________
(ii) Moved forward _________
(iii) Disappeared __________
(iv) Closed _________
(v) Lowest _______

Answer :
(i) Full speed
(ii) Reversed
(iii) Appeared
(iv) Opened
(v) Highest

Question 4 : In the lesson you will find many words that describe sounds like whistling, roaring, braking, crashing, raging. Can you list the things these sounds are related to?

Answer :

SoundsThings associated
whistlingwind, policeman
roaringlion, thunder
brakingcar, bus
crashingcar, flight

Let’s Talk

Question 1 : 1. See the picture of the people climbing on the train. We notice that most of the time we do not wait for the other people to get off the train before boarding it, causing inconvenience to others.
2. Discuss with your partner the manner in which you conduct yourself while interacting with others.

Answer :
While boarding a train, it is to be kept in mind that we must allow the passengers to get down first. We should not block the entrance of the train. We should provide enough place for people to get off. Instead, if we crowd the place, it will be difficult for people to board or get off the train.
At times I go ahead and help the senior people by lifting their luggage and handing it over to them once they get down. If there is a small child along with me, I try to hold his/her hand and carefully step on the platform along with him

Reading a Map

Question 1 :

Look at the view of the classroom from above. Now answer the following. You can use words like front, back, left and right.
1. How many doors and windows are there in the classroom?
2. Where is the blackboard?
3. How many rows of desks are there in the middle and back rows?

Answer :
1. There are three windows and one door in the classroom.
2. On entering the classroom, the blackboard is situated on the left side, just behind the teacher’s chair.
3. There are two rows of desks, both in the middle row and in the back row.

Question 2 :

1. There are______trees between the classroom and the playground.
2. The______trees line the passage from the entrance.
3. Many______trees are along the side of the playground.

Answer :
1. There are two neem trees between the classroom and the playground.
2. The mango trees line the passage from the entrance.
3. Many gulmohar trees are along the side of the playground.

Question 3 :

Use the above map to answer the questions.
1. What does the dotted line on the map show?
2. What road would Ajay take to get to the boat club?
3. What building is next to the picnic area?
4. What road passes by Ajay’s house?
5. What other way could Ajay use to get from his house to his grandmother’s house?

Now write:
Use verbs like: go, turn, cross
Use prepositions like: across, between, in front of, beside, near, behind and write how you get home from school.

Answer :
1) The dotted lines on the map show the route from Ajay’s house to school.
2) Ajay would take Kasturba Gandhi Marg to get to the boat club.
3) India Gate is near the picnic area.
4) The Ring Road passes by Ajay’s house.
5) Ajay can use the Ashoka Road to get from his house to his grandmother’s house.

Let’s Listen

Question 1 : Do you like to float paper boats?

Answer : I like to float paper boats.

Question 2 : (i) Discuss with your partner how you would send a similar message to someone.
(ii) Also find out how people sent messages in olden days and how they send them nowadays.

Answer : (i) I would write a letter to someone and send it by post or through email.
(ii) Earlier messages were sent through pigeons or messengers. Nowadays, people use a phone, email, fax etc., to send messages.

Let’s Write

Question 1 : See the picture Travel Time above. Answer the questions that follow.
(i) Where did you go for an excursion / holiday?
(ii) With whom did you go?
(iii) What did you take with you?
(iv) What was the first thing you saw when you reached your destination?
(v) What did you like best about the place?
(vi) How long did you stay there?
(vii) What did you miss about home?

Answer :
(i) I went to Ooty for a holiday.
(ii) I went with my family.
(iii) I took sweaters, jackets, dresses, eatables, a mobile phone, medicines.
(iv) When I reached my destination, I saw a wonderful valley full of flowers.
(v) I liked the quietness and the cleanliness of the place.
(vi) I stayed there for ten days.
(vii) I missed my school friends who live near my home.

Question 2 : Make sentences using any two new words which you have learnt in the lesson.
(i) ___________
(ii) ___________

Answer :
(i) halt: The train halts at every station.
(ii) bravely: The warrior fought bravely on the battlefield.

Question 3 : Which do you think would be more fun — travelling by aeroplane or sailing on a ship? Write why you think so.

Answer : Travelling on an aeroplane is always entertaining for me. I really enjoy the time the flight takes off. It’s very exciting. Also, there is a thrill when it comes down during landing. For some time, one can feel the plane tremble when it speeds on the ground. Travelling by aeroplane is time-saving compared to a sea voyage as most of the destinations in India takes not more than 2 hours at the most.

Question 4 : Look at the following words. They are group names.
- troop of soldiers
- swarm of bees
- team of players
- litter of puppies
- fleet of ships
- library of books
Fill in the blanks choosing group words from the box: -

(i) The travellers rested under the ____ of trees.
(ii) The _____ sang beautifully.
(iii) The ____ of flowers was lying on the table.
(iv) The girl looked up at the ____ of stars.
(v) The ____ of robbers escaped.
(vi) The hunter shot at the ____ of birds.

Answer :
(i) The travellers rested under the clump of trees.
(ii) The choir sang beautifully.
(iii) The bunch of flowers was lying on the table.
(iv) The girl looked up at the cluster of stars.
(v) The band of robbers escaped.
(vi) The hunter shot at the flock of birds.

Question 5 : Some words describe actions. Many of them end in -ly.
The girl danced beautifully.
Fill in the blanks by changing the word in the brackets suitably.
(i) The girl slept ___________. [sound]
(ii) The children finished their work __________. [quick]
(iii) The old man shouted ___________. [loud]
(iv) The boys played ___________. [quiet]
(v) Do your work _____________. [neat]
(vi) I can do the sum ___________. [easy]

Answer :
(i) The girl slept soundly.
(ii) The children finished their work quickly.
(iii) The old man shouted loudly.
(iv) The boys played quietly.
(v) Do your work neatly.
(vi) I can do the sum easily.

Fun Time

Question 1 : Which country would you like to visit when you grow up? Make a project by drawing or pasting.
(i) a map of that country, its national flag.
(ii) stamps of the country, its currency.
(iii) some famous monuments or landmarks.

Answer :
I would like to visit France when I grow up.
(Note: Students are advised to make the project on their own.)

Question 2 :
• Do you know that there are seven wonders in the world?
• Can you tell the name of the one which is in India?
• Find out and write the names of all the seven wonders and the countries they are located in.

Wonders of the worldCountries
(i) The Taj Mahal
(ii) The Great Wall of China
(iii) _________
(iv) __________
(iv) __________
(vi) _________
(vii) _________

Answer :
Yes, I know the seven wonders in the world. One of the seven wonders of the world that is in India is the Taj Mahal.

Wonders of the worldCountries
(i) The Taj Mahal
(ii) The Great Wall of China
(iii) Colosseum
(iv) Christ the Redeemer
(iv) Machu Picchu
(vi) Chichen Itza
(vii) Petra

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