NCERT Class 5 English Chapter 2 Solutions Wonderful Waste
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Chapter-2 Story: Wonderful Waste

An interesting folk tale that tells us about a Maharaja of Travancore who ordered the cook to find some use of the vegetable waste. The cook was left with the challenging task of preparing something out of the vegetable waste. After thinking for some time, he thinks of a recipe and uses the vegetables, and he calls it Avial. This dish was distributed to everyone at the feast, and everyone enjoyed it.

Students are expected:

philosophyto discuss about regional food of India

philosophyto learn the use of different words and phrases in different contexts.

The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

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Chapter 2: Wonderful Waste

Reading is Fun

Question 1 : What were the preparations in the palace for?

Answer : The preparations in the palace were for a grand feast.

Question 2 : Why did the Maharaja go into the kitchen in the afternoon?

Answer : The Maharaja went into the kitchen to check the dishes prepared for the feast.

Question 3 : What had the cook planned to do with the vegetable scraps?

Answer : The cook had planned to throw away the vegetable scraps.

Question 4 : Ingredients are the things that are used to make a dish. Circle the ingredients of avial in the box below

ChilliesGroundnutWoodVegetable scraps
CoconutRoasted peanutsCurdPot
GarlicBroken banglesBasketCurry leaves

Answer :

Question 5 : State whether the following are True or False.
(i) The king had ordered a dinner in the palace

Answer : True.

Question 5 : (ii) No one had heard of or tasted avial before.

Answer : True.

Question 5 : (iii) The cook had planned to make another dish using the vegetable scraps

Answer : False.

Question 1: A recipe is a list of directions to prepare dish. The following sentences are not in order for preparing avial. Number them in the correct order.

Answer :
3Grind some coconut, green chillies and garlic.
2Cut the vegetables scraps into long strips.
1Wash and clean the mix of vegetable bits.
6Decorate with curry leaves.
4Whip some curd and mix it in.
5Pour some coconut oil on top.
7Avial is ready.

Question 2: Given in the box are some things that children do after they reach home from school.
Choose five things that you do when you reach home from school.
Write them in order.

Answer : First, I put away my school bag.
Then, I wash up.
Next, I chat with mummy about school.
After that, I go to play.
Finally, I pack my school bag.
(Note: You can write your answer using other options from the box.)

Let’s Talk

The Maharaja was a wise man and ordered the cook to use the vegetable scraps instead of throwing them away.

Question : (a) Name some of the things which are thrown away at home or in school.

Answer : The things thrown away at home or in school are wrappers of packed food, scraps of paper, carton boxes, used pen refills, and peels of fruits.

Question : (b) Sit in group of four and think of interesting ways in which they can be made useful?

Answer : Food wrappers can be used to keep certain things inside, papers and carton boxes can be used to make some piece of art, peel of vegetables or fruits need not be thrown but used as food for animals.

Word building

Fill in the blanks using one of the words given in the brackets.

Question 1 : Pair work. Some words have more than one meaning.
For example, point
Meanings: noun a dot in print or writing, full stop, decimal, the number you score in a game
verb to show or call attention to something.
Look up the following words in the dictionary. They may have more than one meaning. List these meanings.
ground _________________

Answer : Ground – noun: i) flat surface of the earth;
ii) an area used for some activity. verb: Prohibit an event.

Survey – noun: investigation, verb look carefully
Scrap – noun: waste material, noun: fragment, verb: dispose something
Sternly – adverb: firmly, assertively, or persuasively
Tempting- adjective: alluring or attracting attention

Question 2 : Make new words by adding/dropping a few letters form the root word.

Answer :


Question 2(a) : Do any of these words use all of four endings?

Answer : Yes, only the words ‘tasty’ and ‘clean’.

Find Out

Question 1 : Name food that is made in your home.
(i) for a feast/festival.
(ii) when you are unwell.
(iii) everyday.

Answer : (i) For a feast or festival, we make desert, pulao, & sweet chatni.
(ii) When I feel unwell, we prepare roti, rice, vegetables, daal, eggs, salad.
(iii) We cook khichri, boiled food, or soup every day

Question 2 : Avial is a dish made in Kerala.
Do you have a similar dish in your state made from a mix of many vegetables?

  • What is it called? _______________
  • Note down the ingredients used to make it.
  • Write down the recipe.
  • Present attractively and display on the class board. You can draw
  • and stick pictures too.

Answer : Yes, in my state, Punjab, where I live. We do have vegetables made from a mix of many vegetables. It is called mix sabzi. There are many vegetables added with coconut to it.
We chop onions, tomatoes and add them to the pan with spices. While it cooks, we chop potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and capsicum. Then we coconut to the onion and tomato mixture along with all the vegetables and let it cook for a while.
Note: The answer is region/state specific so needs to be written by the student.

Word hunt

Question 1 : Complete the sentences meaningfully.
(i) The bridegroom left with the door of his in-laws’ house because it was made of ______________ and there was no bamboo in his ______________.
(ii) The bridegroom was unable to have bamboo curry in the end because ______________

Answer :
(i) The bridegroom left with the door of his in-laws’ house because it was made of bamboo and there was no bamboo in his village.
(ii) The bridegroom was unable to have bamboo curry in the end because it was too hard for them to eat.

Question 2 : Fill in the blanks with words from the story.
(i) The bridegroom went to visit his ______________ .
(ii) The mother-in-law pointed _________ _________the bamboo door.
(iii) He stayed the night ____________ his in-laws.
(iv) He carried the __________ __________back with him
(v) The curry was made _________ bamboo shoots.

Answer :
(i) The bridegroom went to visit his mother-in-law.
(ii) The mother-in-law pointed at the bamboo door.
(iii) He stayed the night with his in-laws.
(iv) He carried the bamboo door back with him.
(v) The curry was made from bamboo shoots

Say Aloud

Question 1 :
im-pa-tient (im-pay-shnt)
de-li-cious (di-li-shius)

Answer :
Must be read aloud as written:-
im-pa-tient (im-pay-shnt)
de-li-cious (di-li-shius)
(Note: Students are advised to practice the above words on their own.)

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