Download NCERT Solutions |Class 4|EVS in PDF for Free


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS goes hand-in-hand with the NCERT textbook if a student wishes to achieve good marks in examinations. In Class 4, through stories and experiences, the chapters teach the students a lot of fundamental concepts in an interesting manner. The NCERT solutions, and the chapter content, present a consolidated overview of the subject to the students.

Our experts have drafted the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS abiding by the CBSE guidelines. The answers are accurate, brief, and suitably explained. The language in which the answers are written is free-flowing and easy to grasp. 

The solutions are provided chapter-wise in the links below in PDF format, and they can be downloaded for free for future use and offline access. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS

Chapter 1 – Going to School

Chapter 2 – Ear to Ear

Chapter 3 – A Day with Nandu

Chapter 4 – The Story of Amrita

Chapter 5 – Anita and the Honeybees

Chapter 6 – Omana’s Journey

Chapter 7 – From the Window

Chapter 8 – Reaching Grandmother’s House

Chapter 9 – Changing Families

Chapter 10 – Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu

Chapter 11 – The Valley of Flowers

Chapter 12 – Changing Times

Chapter 13 – A River’s Tale

Chapter 14 – Basva’s Farm

Chapter 15 – From Market to Home

Chapter 16 – A Busy Month

Chapter 17 – Nandita in Mumbai

Chapter 18 – Too Much Water Too Little Water

Chapter 19 – Abdul in the Garden

Chapter 20 – Eating Together

Chapter 21 – Food and Fun

Chapter 22 – The World in my Home

Chapter 23 – Pochampalli

Chapter 24 – Home and Abroad

Chapter 25 – Spicy Riddles

Chapter 26 – Defence Officer: Wahida

Chapter 27 – Chuskit Goes to School