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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths

The main objective behind NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths is to help the students score well in examinations. Students will succeed if they are well acquainted with the textbook and refer to the NCERT Solutions we have provided here.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths is prepared by our team of academic experts in accordance with the CBSE guidelines. We have put in our best efforts to write factually correct and to-the-point answers for each of the NCERT textbook questions. The answers are written in a simple and lucid manner to attract the attention of young learners.

The solutions are also provided in PDF format, which can be downloaded for later use. One can access these solutions even when they are offline.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths

Chapter 1 – Building With Bricks

Chapter 2 – Long And Short

Chapter 3 – A Trip To Bhopal

Chapter 4 – Tick-tick-tick

Chapter 5 – The Way The World Looks

Chapter 6 – The Junk Seller

Chapter 7 – Mugs And Mugs

Chapter 8 – Carts And Wheels

Chapter 9 – Halves And Quarters

Chapter 10 – Play With Patterns

Chapter 11 – Tables And Shares

Chapter 12 – How Heavy? How Light?

Chapter 13 – Fields And Fences

Chapter 14 – Smart Charts