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I. How To Describe a Trip to the Zoo?

A zoo is a place where different creatures are kept inside a specific area, which includes animals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. They are kept in cages or in enclosed areas for display. A zoo is usually a large area of land.

Most people love going to the zoo to see diverse species of animals. While writing about your trip to the zoo, mention every detail that is related to your visit. Start by mentioning the minute details, such as when you went, where it is located, etc.

  1. Mention the Animals You See in the Zoo.
    As we know, a zoo is full of various kinds of animals. Mention the names of the animals. Some animals live on land, and some on water. Mention the animals living on land or on water you see there. There will be lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, reptiles, etc. You might come across many water-living animals like fish, turtles, etc.

  2. What Are the Animal Sounds You Heard During Your Visit to the Zoo?
    Since there will be many animals in the zoo, you will get to hear the various sounds made by these animals, like the roars of the lion, trumpets of the elephants, etc. Use sound words to describe the topic.

  3. Who Went with You to the Zoo?
    Write in detail with whom you went to the zoo. Mention whether you went to the zoo for a picnic with your classmates or with family members. If it was organised by the school, mention how many students and teachers were a part of the picnic.

  4. What Did You do at the Zoo?
    You might have done many other things apart from seeing the animals, like eating food, clicking photos etc. Mention all those extra activities that you did there.

Sample Essay on Visit to a Zoo

Last Saturday, I went to the zoo with my family. My brother, father, mother, and I went to the zoo. It was a bright and sunny day. We started from our house at 7.30 am and reached the location by 8 am.

As soon as we reached the zoo, we could see a big gathering with many people standing in front of the ticket counter. We also stood in line and managed to get the tickets. After entering the gate, the first thing we saw was a small lake with white swans. As we moved ahead, we could see many birds in different colours chirping and flying in an enclosed space.

We enjoyed the sound of the birds chirping. We saw lions, tigers, and leopards in a large space. Next, we saw a tiger that looked fierce. We were frightened by the loud roar of the tiger. I was very happy to see the elephants playing with their trunks. There were some monkeys, too, to whom we offered some bananas to eat. We saw a huge tank with many snakes kept inside. There was a turtle in another tank, and I offered it some biscuits, which he ate happily.

After seeing all the animals in the zoo, we clicked some photos and came out of the zoo. There was a restaurant nearby from where we got some snacks to eat.

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