Even if your child is still in pre school – these three exercises will help you unlock the winner within them

Psychologists credit the self image as the one metric that separates peak performers from average performers.



Even before an olympic athlete performs his routine – he’s played out the whole scenario in his mind’s eye – multiple times – where he sees himself win Again And Again

This adds this memory of the olympic athlete winning deep into his nervous system – so each time he sets out to perform – his performances are outstanding because he’s instructed his nervous system – to WIN

How is this related to your preschooler? I’m glad you asked.

You see your child is slowly building his self image and if you can get them to start building the self image of a winner right from the start – then great things will start happening to your child.

The techniques that mental athletes use are a little too advanced for your child – but we’ve developed a system that uses the art of colouring and drawing to help your child develop this image of a winner.

These worksheets are Attached at the end of the article. But first let’s explain to you how these exercises work to help your preschooler develop the image of a winner

These three exercises Will Help Your The Self Image Of A Winner


1 – The Draw Yourself Peak Performance Exercise


This exercise basically asks your child to draw an image of him/ herself. On the surface this seems like any other fun activity that your child is so used to.

But when you peel a few layers – you see that the act of asking your child to draw a version of themselves – brings out the image of themselves that they hold in their mind. Now they are young and their belief systems are pure – so when you see what they draw – look at them and give them a high five – telling them that they did a great job and that they are simply awesome

This positive reinforcement from you gets stored in their unconscious minds – which will begin translating itself in the form confidence and an ability to think big and go after goals that are bigger than themselves helping them unlock their true talents.

2 – The Draw the other half peak performance exercise



This exercise will help you start training your child’s mind for visualization techniques that will help them create images of a winner in their mind.

The worksheet asks them to just draw the other half of the ladybug. But how you use this to build your child’s minds eye – is to ask them to close their eyes and visualize – very clearly what the other half of the bug looks like.

Then you ask them to draw the other half. What you will notice is, an immediate change in self confidence in your child when they finish the exercise. You’ll see their posture change – their pupils dilate and their breathing get deeper – because what they just visualized – just became a reality.

This small win gets stored in their mind – as a metric to success.


3 – The complete the diagram goal achieving exercise


They say if you have no vision of where you want to go – then you just float around like an abandoned ship. But if you can clearly see where it is you want to go – then all your actions both conscious and unconscious take you in the direction of this vision.

This exercise just asks you child to complete the flower by drawing it part -by-part. Again, on the surface this seems like a simple exercise. But you must ask your child to first visualize, what the flower looks like and then ask them to begin working on the exercise step.

Once they finish drawing this simple flower – they will have a system of turning anything that they have in their minds eye – into reality

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

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