Even If You’re working a hectic Job These two exercises will help you spend some quality time with your preschooler

Life is all about the few cherished memories that c=get stored in the depths of your subconscious that you pull out to view and take pleasure in your free moments.


There is no better emotion than the wave of pride that flows through you when you see your child develop from a tiny little organism int a full fledged adult.


Along the way there will be moments when they make you laugh, cry and even get a little angry – it’s all part of this wonderful journey called life


To ensure that you get the best of every moment of your child’s journey – we’ve created some activity worksheets for you.


Use these activity worksheets to begin spending some quality time with your child.


It doesn’t matter even if it’s just for five or ten minutes – the fact that you are sitting and spending time with your child after you’re hectic day – will leave a mark of positive love in your child’s mind.


They may not be able to consciously remember it later – but soon you’ll see the time they want to spend with you diminish – before that happens – before they grow big and head off to college – use this time wisely with the help of…


These two exercises that will help you spend quality time with your child even if you’re working through a hectic schedule


1 –  The number key colouring exercise


This exercise helps you actually do something fun with you child using colouring as a gateway to bonding. The way the content is structured is there is a train to be coloured – along the diagram you’ll see points with numbers attached to them – each colour is a different colour key.


You and your child need to pick one point each and colour it according to the colour key given in the worksheet.


So there are three colour keys spread all across the diagram.


Assign one colour key to your child and you take one for yourself – then just go all out and begin colouring each part of the diagram. You don’t have to finish the whole worksheet at one go. Just use it as a catalyst to spending some quality time with your child.


2 – The join the letter and colour the picture exercise



This exercise uses the same principles as the above exercise. – although in this exercise the diagram is that of an umbrella. The umbrella is incomplete but there are letters spread across the umbrella.


If you join these letters – you end up completing the diagram. Wait! The exercise is not over – you still need to color the whole umbrella.


Ask your child to join the dots and then join them in the colouring phase of the exercise


Even if you do these exercise just twice a week  – you’ll see your children begin to enjoy the process of studying in your presence – which will help you train them to be self sufficient when it comes to academics.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

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