NCERT Solutions|Class 1 Maths Chapter 8|Numbers from twenty one to Fifty

NCERT: Math-Magic Solutions for Class-1, Chapter-8: Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty

The chapter ‘Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty’ deals with the identification and usage of the numbers from twenty-one to fifty. With a broad range of exercises, it covers the following topics:
•writing numerals for twenty-one to fifty
•grouping objects into tens and ones
•drawing representation for groups of tens and ones.

Created in accordance with the CBSE syllabus and guidelines of NCERT, these image-based exercises are not only interactive but also crafted to encourage students to put their thinking caps on.

NCERT Solutions for Maths Class 1 Chapter 8 Twenty-one to Fifty in PDF format can be downloaded for free from the given link..

Download PDF Maths Class 1 – Chapter 8 – Twenty-one to Fifty

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