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Our branches in Gurgaon do not have an entrance exam for children seeks admission in lower classes. However, there is a Baseline assessment test for any child who needs admission in class 6 or higher.

The average size of a classroom Orchids the International school in Gurgaon is around 20-25 students. This is lower than most other ICSE schools in the area as we encourage teachers to give their students more individual attention.

Our school encourages students with a wide variety when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Some of the common choices are Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Swimming, Music, Dance, Robotics, Art, Students Council, Reading, Theatre, Health and Wellness.

We schedule regular parent-teacher meetings so that parents are up to date with their child’s progress. At the same time, parents can also contact teachers via an online portal as well as with prior appointments in the school.