Help Your Preschooler Become An Elite Mental Performer With These Three Exercises Done Early In The Morning

There is a saying which roughly says that,


“ If you win the first hour of the morning – you end up winning your day”


The reason  they say this is because – if you can begin your day – by switching on your creative mechanism with exercises targeted solely at awakening your mind and body – then you end up tuning up the vehicle that takes you through your day with some high performance petrol called relaxation.


Self-Image psychology or psycho cybernetics credits the art of relaxation as one of the key components to peroming like an elite mental athlete.


Now – for you – an adult – if you needed to access this power – we would recommend performing about 5  – 10 minutes of the yoga pose savasana or the dead man’s pose – where you lie flat on the ground – pay attention to your breath and focus on letting go of the knots of tension various parts of your body through breath.


But this article is focussed on turning your preschooler into an elite mental performer and the worst thing that you can ask a preschooler to do is lie down and relax.


Instead we use some fun activity sheets that we have attached at the bottom of this article – for you to use. These fun sheets will help your child;


1 – Wake their mind up


2 – Wake their body up


3 – & Help them Get into the mindset of a peak performer


These exercises are to be performed early in the morning – before your child heads to school.


Now I Know you may be wondering – “ Why is it that I need to train my preschooler to function like an elite mental athlete at such a young age?


Wel dear parent – the reason we recommend you use the exercise we are about to show you is – because any habit that you instil in your child now – they will carry on for the rest of their lives.


So imagine what kind of possibilities your child will have access to – if they learn these peak performance secrets at an age where they are impressionable to anything that you place in their mind using..


Three peak performance exercises to help you preschooler access elite mental abilities


1 – The Circle The Bigger Picture Exercise


This exercise aims at helping your preschooler access their visual and Kinesthetic intelligences ( sight and touch intelligences ) through a simple spot the bigger picture and circle it exercise.


2 – The trace the number exercise

This exercise uses numeracy to speed up your child’s mental math abilities. As a preschooler your child’s first goal is to become adept at recognizing numbers.


They need to build a mental library that stores the touch and look sensation of a number


What do I mean by touch and look sensation? You see the brain takes in information through a number of sense – the touch and the sight sense being the strongest  in most human.


You’ll notice the way the content is structured – there already is the numerical four printed on the sheet -all your child needs to do is trace the number around it – so they understand what the number four looks and feels like.


3 – The Count And Circle The Element Exercise

This an exercise that helps your child slowly take control of their attention and begin accessing their peak performance abilities.


If you’ll notice the sheet above – you’ll see that there are  three empty hot air balloons that your child must colour.


While colouring your child becomes hyper-focussed about making sure that they dont colour along the edges – making the colour spread outside the picture.


This hyper-awareness and attentiveness to the task at hand is what peak performance is all about.


Pick one type of exercise each morning and get your child to begin access the infinite potential that lays available at their feet.


Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

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