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FREE One-Day Henna Doodling & Calligraphy Workshop

Online Henna Doodling & Calligraphy Workshop. Learn to groove with us!
Limited Slots!!

Learn to groove with us!

ORCHIDS The International School presents One-Day Henna Doodling & Calligraphy Workshop to you! While you are locked inside, might as well make it creative.

Open for the ages 3 to 16, to be held on 15th and 16th August.

With each session of this workshop, we intend to expand creative horizons of students, making them learn unique and creative ways to display their ideas.

Calligraphy is an important art, and henna will make it even more fun.

Age groups: 3-6 years l 7-11 years l 12-16 years. Register now to book your slot!

Topics as per age groups:
Age Range Topics
3 to 6 years Henna Doodling & Calligraphy
7 to 11 years Henna Doodling & Calligraphy
12 to 16 years Henna Doodling & Calligraphy

Register now to know the date of your session!

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Live Workshop Details


  • 3-6years - Henna Doodling & Calligraphy
  • 7-11years- Henna Doodling & Calligraphy
  • 12-16years - Henna Doodling & Calligraphy
Enhancing confidence and Creativity.


  • Easy Drawings & Patterns
  • Doodle Inspiration
  • Henna Tattoo Designs Simple
  • Improving Concentration and Patience
Hands on Learning

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Who can participate in this Workshop?
Anyone can participate in the workshop and competition.
Is this for only Orchids Students?
No, anyone can be part of the workshop and competition
How to register for workshop?
Submit the form in this webpage to register
Age requirement to be part of Workshop?
We have three age groups 3 to 6yrs, 7 t0 11yrs and 9 to 14yrs.
Do you offer certificates of completion?
Yes, online certificates will be provided.
Is this workshop recurring?
How much do the Workshops cost?
Free of cost.
How do we attend workshop?
Once you submit the form, you will receive a call from our representative.
What if I didn’t receive a registration confirmation email?
If you didn’t receive an email confirmation. Please contact info@orchids.edu.in for assistance.
What if I entered my email address incorrectly when registering for the conference?
If you entered an incorrect email address you will not receive a registration confirmation or online session link. Please contact info@orchids.edu.in for assistance.
How do i attend workshop?
It's completely online workshop. Through Zoom meeting app.
Is this online workshop or offline workshop?
It's completely online workshop. Through Zoom meeting app.
What if i miss the online session?
You can wait for the batch & attend the live session.
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