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Best Play school in Hyderabad

Orchids the International School, regarded as one of the best playschools in Hyderabad, has been at the forefront of education for 18 years, propagating its educational Philosophy, derived from Western Pedagogies and Indian academic systems. With its repertoire of teachers having in-depth knowledge in their respective fields, Orchids believe and aim at the holistic development of children. Located in JUBLIEE HILLS, Orchids offer a calm, soothing environment where children can develop their creative talents and explore, aided and guided by expert teachers.

Play School curriculum at Orchids the International School

At Orchids, we give stress on developing and stimulating the creative energies of children, thus aiding in their transformation to healthy individuals. Using Visual aids and special kits, we strive hard in our endeavour to shape a generation of children who will be high achievers and fast learners. This approach towards education has ranked us among the best playschools in Hyderabad.

Education should be bridged with life, and both should not remain as sperate entities. Only then we can observe significant changes in children. We expose children to varieties of life experiences so that they can adapt better in later situations that would come later in their lives. In this regard, we arrange educational field trips, and due to this blend of theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences, we’ve been listed among the top play schools in Hyderabad.

As one of the best Montessori Schools in Hyderabad, we focus on developing Kinaesthetic learning and motor skills development in children which could help them in their all-round development.

Our Curriculum is a mix of the ideas taken from Montessori, Play way and Kindergarten. We strive hard to channelize the innate talents of children by giving them appropriate guidance. This marks as one of the main specialities of ours as one of the top playschools in Hyderabad.

We follow the methodology of starting the learning process by laying and strengthening the basic foundations in subjects such as Numeracy, Language Skills, Environmental awareness etc. For that, we employ devices such as Storytelling, Audio-visual learning aids, In-house magnetic strips and stringing activities.

Orchids give prime importance to developing and boosting self-esteem in children. By arranging activities like Public Speaking, Music, Dance, Theatre etc, we ensure that children are given a chance to develop their self- confidence.

There exists a direct correlation between the right ambience and effective learning. With world-class infrastructure, we create the right environment where children can learn with much ease. We’ve integrated activities like Mud Day, dress-up day, Parent’s day, Food Pyramid, Grand Parent’s Day, Season’s Day, Market Day, Colour Day etc so that children will find the environment comfortable. To enkindle the spirit of creativity in children, we also train them in activities like Pottery, Gardening, Origami, Chef activity etc. We’ve reserved a name for ourselves, due to this approach towards education, among the best Montessori Schools in Hyderabad.

Orchids envision its children as the leaders of a better tomorrow. As we understand we are moulding a generation of brilliant minds, we give more importance in their development in the initial stages, in making them eminent thinkers and global citizens.