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ICSE / CBSE Schools in South Mumbai

Orchids The International School is a reputable institution, well noted for its excellent infrastructure and mind blowing teaching modalities. Being one of the leading CBSE Schools in South Mumbai, Orchids has won fame for meting out rigid academic standards to students and bringing their talents into the limelight in a positive environment.

It is a known factor that ICSE syllabus demands high level learning capabilities due to its vast syllabus and high standards of learning. Orchids shines above other CBSE Schools in South Mumbai in this scenario with its excellent premises where all possibilities for positive learning are available at their best for displaying the capabilities of students.

It is technologically promoted student learning process which is the highlight of Orchids’ success. Modern classrooms that induce self motivated learning spirit in students through audio and video aids are available to encourage students to exercise their cognitive abilities to the full. The School is noteworthy for its motivating learning ambience where each student is propelled towards learning at his pace under the mentorship of able teachers who know how to tune up their students’ capabilities in education.

It is not just successful academic outputs our school tries to wring out of students, but we also impart value enriched education to mold our students into good human beings who know their responsibilities for their country and are committed to society that way. Moral sensibility and social consciousness are the essential values we try to inculcate in our students to make them realize their social obligations and moral responsibilities towards their country. That way, we introduce qualities in our students which would make them ready for future challenges at a global level with zeal to fight them out.

As one of the top CBSE Schools in South Mumbai, Orchids has taken upon itself the responsibility of producing excellent individuals who would shape the destiny of future India.

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