Teaching vocabulary to your child is not only an essential but also a fun exercise. With little bit of patience and effort, you can help your child develop good vocabulary required for his/her grade. This will boost your child’s confidence and enhance their conversation and writing skills.


 The best thing you can do to help your kids dramatically improve their vocabulary is to turn the lesson into a game…..


Here are three steps to creating a Word Power game with your kids


1 – Word Out New Words


Sit your child down and say


“Let’s play a new game”


Tell them you will say a word and they will repeat it. This is a very effective way of teaching your child – because they are excited to be playing a game


Let’s say you are teaching your child the word ‘Parched’ ( Another word for thirsty )


You go

  • ‘Parched……P.A.R.C.H.E.D….Parched


  • And then you’re child repeats


  • ‘Parched……P.A.R.C.H.E.D…..Parched


  • And you continue the same game with a few more words



Each time you play this game – aim for about 5 words


And use the same 5 five words each week


2 – Put it into a sentence


As you begin the above game – add a few sentences to it


 Say to your child.


 The dog looks Parched


Your child repeats

The dog looks Parched



 3 – Draw it Out



Every word that appears in a person’s mind gets converted into a series of images that the brain can store. Your goal should be to help your child store these images in his head – through the world that he sees


 Begin by performing Step 1 and Step 2


 In Step 3 – Pull out a paper and some colour pencils and get your child to draw a basic dog that looks thirsty


 The child then understands that Parched is another word for thirsty – because with the drawing – the word enters his mind through touch – which is the fastest way to Teach Kids Vocabulary


 Play this game every alternative day


 You must pick up 5 – 7 new words -understand them yourself – and begin teaching immediately. You’re child is like a sponge that will absorb all the new positive words that you feed his mind.


 This is a great way to;


 1 – Bond with your children


 2 – Get Positively involved in their games on a daily basis


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